The Unexpected Blessing Of Sharing My Story

booksWhen I hit publish on my about page last month and shared part of my story with the world, I knew it would be a difficult thing for some people to read, but I didn’t really consider what the reaction might be.

You might think that writing it would’ve been the hard part, and as far as the first draft goes, it probably was. But after so many tweaks, edits, and rewrites, that small part of my history seemed like little more to me than a page full of technical jargon that I barely understood. Until other people started reading it.

With the exception of when I was going through it, and felt ashamed of what was happening at home, I never really had a problem with talking about my past. I mean, it wasn’t a conversation I lead with when meeting someone for the first time, but the people I was closest to knew the gist.

But putting it out there in written form for the world to see, and being reminded of all of the versions of myself I had to go through to get to the one sending you this note today triggered so many feelings I wasn’t prepared for.

Another thing I wasn’t prepared for, is that by carving out this one little slice of my own life and sharing it, I inadvertently inspired many of you to share your own stories. I’ve received so many emails, Facebook messages and comments in the last couple of weeks from women from all walks of life who told me about their struggles of growing up in poverty, or in abusive families, or having to watch their loved ones slowly kill themselves with alcohol or drugs.

These stories were heart wrenching to read, but there was something unexpectedly uplifting about them as well. It was like we all felt as though we were a part of this collective sisterhood…a group of women who understood that we were connected in more ways than we were not. I hope I never forget that feeling of knowing another person without ever having met them.

All I can say is, thank you. Thank you for sharing who you are and who you were with me. Thank you for reinforcing for me that life is about connection, and understanding, and love.

Blessings, Love & Light,

Christy xo

How Strong Is Your Foundation?

meditation-picSelf-care is the foundation everything else in your life is built on. Your happiness, your health, your ability to find and live your purpose, the quality of your relationships–all of it. Without self-care, everything crumbles.

I forgot this. I had been on top of my self-care game for most of this year. It has been a huge part of the healing process from Adrenal Failure, Leaky Gut, and hormone imbalance. But as I got busier with launching my one on one coaching program, and creating content for my upcoming online courses, little by little, I let things slide.

It all started innocently enough…missing a morning meditation or journal entry here and there, staying up a little later to do “one last thing” for work, indulging in foods I’m sensitive to a bit too often. Before I knew it, I wasn’t sleeping well at night again; my joints hurt, I felt exhausted all the time, and I realized I was letting my business take over my life.

So, yes, I’m a coach; I teach this stuff, and I forgot that self-care is the foundation for everything. I allowed that foundation to weaken, and I had to figure out a way to reinforce it. For me, that meant deciding what my self-care requirements are; the things that are non-negotiable for me.

  1. Sleep – I notice the biggest difference in how I feel, how I function mentally, and how I perform physically when I get the rest I need. I can’t always control the quality of sleep I get, so if I have a fitful night of sleep, I make up for it whenever I need to. If that means taking a nap, or going to bed earlier than usual, I do it without guilt.
  2. Morning ritual – I talk about this a lot, and it’s one of the things I help my clients create because I’ve found that how your start your day, is how you live your life. If I start my day by hitting the snooze button five times, running around frantically, then rushing out the door without a second to spare, I feel anxious and overwhelmed throughout the entire day. If, on the other hand, I start my day with a few minutes of meditation, journaling, or quiet time to myself, I feel grounded, calm, and am actually more productive the rest of the day.
  3. Healthy Diet – For me, this isn’t about making certain foods good, and other foods bad. It’s not about losing weight or getting smaller either. It’s about eating the things that give me energy, make me feel my best, and help me to heal. It also means eliminating the things that literally attack my body from the inside (for me, that’s dairy, eggs, and cane sugar.)
  4. Movement – To feel my best, I need to get some form of exercise just about every day. That doesn’t mean hardcore, bootcamp classes seven days a week, though. Some days it’s thirty minutes of lifting; other days it’s a leisurely walk around the lake, or stretching. I no longer see exercise as a way to earn my food. It’s a way for me to feel present and rejuvenated, period. And I only do things I actually like to do. I don’t stress over what workouts I “should” do, or what’s going to give me thinner thighs in a month; it’s all about what I feel I need on any given day.
  5. Time Alone – I’m an introvert through and through. I love people, I love good conversation, and going out with friends, but I also know that to feel centered, and be the best version of myself, I need “me time” every day. Being around other people, or even just being busy all day is fun and draining all at the same time. I need time to recover. Sometimes just sitting down for five minutes and doing nothing is all it takes. Other times, I need to get away by myself for a day or more. I used to judge myself for this, but I don’t anymore. It’s who I am, and it’s more important to honor myself than to worry about how what I do looks to other people.


How strong is your foundation? Could it use a little structural support? I encourage you to check in with yourself and figure out what your non-negotiable self-care practices are. And if you need some ideas and support for making yourself a priority and creating the life you want, download my FREE book: Create Your Happy, Hot, & Healthy Life. In the book I share five simple practices you can implement to help you reconnect with who you are and reclaim your life!

This Is What I Want For Us

myI signed up for my coach training program full of hope and excitement. I was finally ready to step into the light, share my story, and use my gifts to change the world. And then it seemed like the minute I clicked the enroll button, I started hearing all the chatter. “Coaching is dead,”  “The market is saturated,” and “The last thing the world needs is another coach.”

I felt disappointed and deflated. I questioned myself, and wondered if I’d made a mistake. Was I destined to fail before I even got started?

In order to maintain the belief that I had something to offer, and to keep moving forward despite all the naysayers, I had to be really clear on my mission for doing what I do…my WHY.

For a long time I felt that making myself and my dreams a priority in any way, shape, or form was selfish. The result of that misguided belief is that I lost the parts of me that were anything other than someone’s wife or mom.

So, why did I become a coach? It’s simple, really.

Because I never want to hear another woman say she’s just a mom.

I want to help create a world where we don’t have to settle for being at the bottom of our own To-Do lists; where we feel valuable, deserving, and truly BELIEVE that whatever we want for ourselves is possible. And we have the confidence to go GET IT.

As women, we’re the center of our families, and our communities. If we feel happy, fulfilled, and are living in alignment with who we are, can you imagine how different the world would look? That’s the world I want to live in.

That’s my why. That’s my mission. I want it for me, and I want it for you.