Ditching The Sexy Shoes

shoepic These shoes are gorgeous, aren’t they? I bought them four years ago, and I think I’ve worn them two, maybe three times…once or twice to practice walking in them, and once for an outing that only required me to make my way from the car to my seat at the venue and back.

I’ve had girlfriends ask why the heck I don’t wear the shoes; my kids have asked why I buy shoes like that if they just sit in my closet. They’re great questions, and they definitely made me consider the answers. These are some hella sexy shoes, but the thing is, they’re also just not me. Which begs the question, why did I buy them?

I think I bought them because what girl doesn’t like shoes, right? And I mean, they’re super cute…but I think more than anything, I liked the idea of having these shoes. My social media feed is filled with women sporting five inch heels of every color and pattern (walking flawlessly, I might add), looking amazing, and I bought into the idea that in order to look and feel that good about myself as a woman, I needed to have THESE SHOES.

But like I said, the five inch heels aren’t my bag. I can’t walk in them for one thing (no, really…it’s not pretty), and when my feet hurt, I start feeling a little stabby. I’m more of a casual girl. I work at home and wear workout gear 80% of the time, and when I do put grown-up clothes on, it’s usually jeans and Converse or a comfy, stretchy dress and ballet flats. A designer handbag is about as fancy as I get (not gonna lie, I do love me some Louis).

What I’ve learned after years of trying to mold myself into the person I thought I should be (and look like) is that the comparison game is impossible to win. There’s no joy in embracing a standard you can never live up to. And besides, life’s too short to try and live it someone else’s way. My new mantra: DO YOU.

So, I’m ditching the heels. They need to go, along with anything else in my closet that doesn’t allow me to exhale when I wear it. I’m letting go of everything that doesn’t bring me joy. What about you? Are there things in your closet (or your life) that you need to let go of to be happier? Hit me up in the comments! I wanna hear all about it!

Blessings, Love, & Light,


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