How To Repurpose Your Content For Maximum Exposure

Why Repurpose?

You work hard to create valuable content for your audience, so why should it have a shelf life? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel in your business every day. What you do need is to get more eyes the content you’ve already toiled over. Besides saving you boatloads of time, repurposing content has some other critical advantages as well.

Reinforcing Brand Identity

It often takes 5-7 exposures to your brand before someone becomes a client or a customer. The repetition of your core message throughout alternate forms of content has the advantage of providing multiple exposures to your audience, which emphasizes your message and reinforces your brand’s identity.

Reaching A Different Audience

Different parts of your audience consume different content. Some of those people prefer to read blogs, while others like listening to podcasts. When you share the same information in different ways, you’re able to reach more people without creating something entirely new.

How Does Repurposing Look?

A single blog post can provide a week’s worth of additional content in the form of a video or podcast, infographics, and newsletters. You could also go through your archives and pull blog posts in the same category together to create an ebook, lead magnet, or an email course.

So, you’re off the hook! There’s no need to keep churning out new content day after day. Repurposing your best stuff allows you to work smarter, not harder.


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