How To Scale Without Freaking Out

It’s a common struggle, right? You’re so busy with client work that finding time to create content for your own business isn’t happening.

That’s the place I’ve been in lately too. And honestly, it’s one of the reasons I have a J-O-B. A lot of my clients are perfectly capable of writing decent copy, they’re just smart enough to know they can’t do everything. AND they’re willing to sideline their egos and give up some control so they can focus on doing what they do best.

So, that’s my struggle right now: how to scale in a way that feels right and how to outsource without having a full-blown panic attack anytime I hire someone to take certain tasks off my plate. It’s scary AF. Because who do you trust? And what if they screw something up?

Yeah…control freak much?

But I want to share something that’s deflated the fear around outsourcing and has motivated me to actually start working on a project that will help me scale. Maybe it’ll help you too.

Regardless of the outcome of anything you try in your business, NO ONE’S GOING TO DIE.

Seriously. One of the coaches in a group program I’m part of pointed that out to another woman in our group and it was an honest to God a-ha moment for me (for a completely different reason.)

Thinking of everything as an experiment gives you permission to try new things because you’re not so attached to the outcome. And if you’re a perfectionist like me, it kicks you right out of procrastination mode.

I’m learning. I’ve subcontracted first drafts of a couple of small projects, I’ve hired someone to research topics for my blog and articles I might want to pitch to other publications, and I’m working on changing my business model a little bit so I can free up some of my time. Baby steps.

What’s your experience been with scaling and/or outsourcing? How did you come up with a solution that worked for you? I’d love to hear about it because the struggle is REAL!



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