The #1 Secret To Content That Connects And Sells

As an online biz owner, you want to create content that educates, entertains, or inspires your ideal clients so they’ll keep coming back for more. But how do you accomplish that? How do you entice your audience to read (or watch) your stuff from start to finish?

The big secret is this: you need to be willing to embrace your own personality and weave it into your content for the whole world to see. We all have things about us that are quirky, funny, and absurdly annoying. We all have a unique take on the world. Those are the things you want to share because it will allow your audience to relate to you on a more personal level.

The fear for most of us around doing that is that some people won’t like what we have to say. They’ll unsubscribe or unfollow. Heck yes, they will! And that’s not a bad thing.

You have to be willing to repel the wrong people in order to attract the right ones. The people you want to hang around are the ones who see your content an go, OMG, yes! You don’t want a bunch of people on your list who are sticking around because you send them a Downton Abbey script every week if that’s not who you are. How exhausting would that be?

One of the things I do to share my personality with y’all is by writing the same way that I speak IRL. I say things like, “y’all” even though I’m an East Coast girl all the way. I use slang and jargon I have no business using as a 40-something mom from New Hampshire because A) I lived in the projects as a kid and B) Breaking Bad. Those things are all part of me…some people will get it and some people won’t and I’ve learned to be okay with that.

Allowing your audience to get to know the real you builds trust, connection, and loyalty. And those are the ones who will end up buying from you.

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