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4 Simple Ways To Boost Your Open Rates

“Email marketing doesn’t work for my business. Nobody’s opening my newsletters.” <— Has this been your mantra lately? Then we need to talk…

First of all, lemme give you a little bit of perspective on open rates. Believe it or not, the industry average for online coaches, consultants, and course creators is somewhere around 12%.  But if only 120 people out of 1000 are reading your newsletters (and then maybe a handful of those actually convert to clients) I can see why you might be ready to pack it in.

The good news? You can do waaaaaaaay better.

Assuming there’s no disconnect between what you do and what your audience thinks you do when they connect with you (meaning you know precisely who you’re here to serve and your lead magnet solves a problem they have) there a few simple things you can do to boost your email open rates and improve the results of your email campaigns.

  1. Segment your list. Most people don’t open emails (and eventually unsubscribe) because the content isn’t relevant to them. If you’re a social media strategist who works with local biz owners and online clients, some of the content you share wouldn’t be relevant to both groups. Segmenting them into 2 groups gives you the option to share content that’s specific to each group or both groups when it’s appropriate.
  2. Hook them with a great subject line. Great subject lines are engaging and interesting. The goal is to pique the reader’s curiosity without being misleading. Testing subject lines is a great way to see what works with your subscribers. I like to come up with 3-4 possibilities and then do an A/B split test with the 2 I like best.
  3. Scrub your list regularly. I talked about this last week but it’s worth repeating. If a subscriber hasn’t opened your last 5-6 emails it’s time to get rid of the dead weight. They’re not likely to become a client and their lack of interest is causing your open rates to tank.
  4. Make sure your newsletters are optimized for mobile devices. Most people are opening emails (and everything else) from their phones these days, so if your newsletter is glitchy and looks weird, it’s probably going to get deleted, friend…which means they won’t bother with the next one you send.

Email marketing has the best ROI around (a $40 return for every $1 spent? Yes, please!) but you have to know your ideal clients inside and out to be successful. If you know you’ve got that on lock and something just needs tweaking this list is a good place to start. If you need some help crafting an email strategy so you can sign more clients, click here to send me a message and we’ll set up a call.




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