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4 Things You NEED To Know Before Hiring A Copywriter

​As solopreneurs we tend to wear a lot of hats–sometimes out of necessity and sometimes because we’re stubborn as hell. So, if you’re thinking of taking that leap and outsourcing your website copy or email campaigns, YAY YOU! There’s a difference between being capable of doing all the things and accepting the fact that it’s probably not the best use of your time.

Sometimes an outside perspective is just what your biz needs to reach the next level. A great copywriter with a fresh set of ideas and a knack for creating a sense of community with your audience and building excitement around you and what you do can be a huge asset to your business. But…

There are 4 things you really should know before you hire a copywriter:

  1. You need to know who you serve, how you can help them, and why you feel compelled to do so. A good copywriter can certainly help you drill down your messaging but you need to be really clear about what problem your ideal clients are struggling with, how you can solve it for them and what makes you unique. That information drives the content and makes it possible for the copy to paint a picture of why YOU are the obvious choice for your prospects.
  2. Make sure she has experience in your niche. Every niche market has it’s own language and subtext and you want to be sure whatever copywriter you hire is well versed in yours. I work with female coaches and creative biz owners in the online space. I know that industry (and what I call “coach speak”) very well. I understand personal branding and how it relates to marketing strategy and content creation in that arena. I wouldn’t know the first thing about writing for a tech company. I might be able to figure it out but the time it would take and the number of revisions required to deliver a final product that produced the desired result would be too expensive in the end. Hiring someone who knows your niche saves you time and beaucoup bucks.
  3. Be realistic with your timeline. An in-demand copywriter is worth the wait! Most will have a 2-3 week waiting period to get your project on their schedule and depending on the scope of the project, it can take another 3-4 weeks (or more) to complete. Good copy isn’t something you can rush…and if you can, there’s usually a hefty fee involved. I know that for a lot of entrepreneurs, by the time you’ve wrapped your head around outsourcing, you want your project done yesterday. But HEAR ME when I say, you don’t want to settle for B- work on this one.
  4. You get what you pay for. Straight up: when you hire an expert, it’s an investment in your business. I’m amazed at how many entrepreneurs will think nothing of dropping $15k on a weekend mastermind but think spending 1/2 that on great copy is “too much.” Being able to share your message effectively and with the right audience is key to signing more clients and generating revenue.

Have you outsourced anything in your business? Leave me a comment and share your experience with me!

XO – ​Christy

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