How To DIY Your First Email Funnel -

How To DIY Your First Email Funnel

I’m generally not a huge fan of templates and swipe files for 2 reasons:

  1. A lot of the people selling them exaggerate the results you’ll get from using them

2. A lot of the people buying them copy & paste everything word for word instead of using them as inspiration for their own ideas

But I also get that sometimes you need something done, and you have no idea where to start.

And hiring someone to do it for you isn’t in the budget.

The way I see it is, using templates and swipe files is kinda like making instant mashed potatoes for dinner.

They’re not as good as the real thing, but they get the job done and won’t break the bank.

That’s why I created my Instant Funnel digital bundle!

It’s for people who want to create their first email marketing funnel but don’t know the first thing about writing email sequences or sales pages…

…and don’t have the cash to hire someone like yours truly.

Does This Sound Like You…

Your shiny new offer is FINALLY ready for the big reveal! After all the market research, content creation, and tweaking, you’ve got a legit life-changer of a program on your hands!

There are just a few teeny, tiny things holding up the works:

✓ You’re too close to your offer to communicate its true value to your BFF clients

✓ You don’t know how to write copy that’s persuasive without being overly salesy and captures your voice at the same time

✓ CTAs (calls to action) got you like 😭😭😭 You know they’re important, but you’re clueless about what to say and where to use them

If any (or all) of these things are making it impossible to get your sales funnel up and running, you’ve got a few options…

Good: You can Google everything you can find on copywriting and pray to the sweet baby Jesus that your message connects with the right people, your emails get opened, and your sales page converts.

(Caution, delays ahead)

Better: You can work with someone who’s known for personality-packed connection-driven copy and conversions like yours truly.

(That will cost you)

But if hiring an expert isn’t in the budget just yet (and you’re ready to break up with Google), the Instant Funnel Bundle might just be your best bet!

For $57, you get access to 40+ pages of templates and swipe files, including my:

• Brand Voice & Messaging Guide

• 3 Email Welcome Sequence Swipe Files

• 4 Nurture/Newsletter Sample Emails

• 5 Email Promo Sequence Swipe Files

• Long-Form Sales Page Swipes

• Sales Page Design Template

And because 1:1 collaborations are my favorite, you have the option to add a funnel review with me.

Every month I open 4 spots on my top secret calendar (shhh 🤫) for Instant Funnel students who want to make sure their copy is equal parts persuasive and personality-packed!

I’ll review drafts of your sales page + up to 5 emails and get my suggestions back to you within 3 business days.

At $577, it’s the cheapest it’s ever been to get my 👀 on your stuff.

Here’s How It Works…

Step 1: When you purchase the Instant Funnel Bundle, all you have to do is slide the yellow button to the right at checkout to add this one-time offer:

Step 2: You’ll instantly receive a link to my private calendar. Just pick a date to submit your copy and get to writing!

Step 3: On D-Day, you’ll send me the link to a Google Doc with the drafts of your emails and sales page, and I’ll share my suggestions to make sure your copy is equal parts persuasive and personality-packed within 3 business days!

That’s it!

If you’re ready to DIY your first funnel or give one of your email sequences and/or sales page a much-needed makeover, the Instant Funnel will help you:

✔️ Clarify your message, so it resonates with your people

✔️ Create a structured strategy so you know what to say in your emails and when to send them

✔️ Write emails and sales pages that connect, captivate, and CONVERT without sounding like a D-list celeb hawking their wares on late-night TV.

✔️ Take the guesswork out of calls-to-action

✔️ Design a sales page that’s user-friendly, persuasive, and packed with personality

✔️ Start conversations with your BFF clients without “providing value” in FB groups and sliding into people’s DMs on Instagram.

Ready to get started? Click Here to grab the Instant Funnel bundle!

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