The 6-Figure Sales Funnel mini-course is a proven framework that teaches you how to attract the people you actually want to work with and create an email marketing funnel that sells your signature offer on autopilot (slimy sales pitch not included.)

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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You have a phenomenal month in your biz--maybe you even get close to hitting $10k and then the next month (or 2 or 3) you get nothing but 🦗🦗🦗
Feeling desperate, you start spending hours upon hours posting in Facebook group sales threads, sliding into people’s DMs, attending networking events, and getting on calls with people you haven’t vetted hoping to snag your next client...

...even though you have this sneaking suspicion it’s a waste of time (not to mention a recipe for burnout.)

What if you had actual dream clients (you know, the ones who are ready and willing to pay to work with you) joining your email list in droves? 

What if you knew exactly what to write in every email so your subscribers OBSESSED over you and snapped up your offers the minute they went live?

What if you had actual dream clients (the ones who are ready and willing to pay to work with you) joining your email list in droves? 

What if you knew exactly what to write in every email so your subscribers OBSESSED over you and snapped up your offers the minute they went live?

Attracting the right clients and creating an email marketing funnel that connects + captivates + converts isn’t as complicated as you might think…

In fact, it’s the fastest and easiest way to fill your calendar with clients.

To generate consistent revenue you need a repeatable system to find your ideal clients and bring them through the steps to become paying customers. 

And you don’t need a ton of subscribers to make money with email marketing. 

What you do need is connection because connection is what leads to conversions.

A connection-driven email marketing funnel provides you with a repeatable sales system to scale your business but it also allows you to build the relationship with your subscribers that’ll take your biz to the next level by:

Allowing your subscribers to get to know, like, and trust you 

Boosting your credibility and positioning you as the go-to resource for your ideal clients

Organically leading into your offer at the point when your subscribers are primed and ready to buy


The 6-Figure Sales Funnel Mini-Course

This connection-driven Funnel framework is a proven system for adding *actual* dream clients to your list and writing emails that captivate your subscribers so they can’t imagine working with anybody but you.

 I Need This! 

Here’s what a few of my Students have to say…

 “If you have a high-ticket training program, mastermind, bootcamp, or 1:1 offer and you’re unsure how to approach the email sales funnel, this course delivers on it’s promise, guiding you through the process of writing your sales page and sales email sequence. “

- Petra Molnár

Christy's templates help you create a sales funnel that's soulful, intuitive and humorous for your audience and makes them want to buy. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. 💖


Wow! This feels doable! 

Not too long ago if you asked me about funnels I would have said "huh?" Now, I feel prepared to sit down and create mine. For reals. Thanks Christy. Best part of all - the templates left me feeling like I have a map to guide my writing process.  Three cheers for funnels! Definitely worth the investment.

- Jilliane Yawney

Here’s What You Get Inside The Course:

Each module includes a video workshop, cheatsheets, and a workbook…

Module 1 - Creating a Jaw-Dropping Freebie

You’ll learn how to create a freebie that’s so good, your ideal clients won’t believe you’re giving it away! Plus I’ll share a little known secret to get them to actually use it and get results (which is a win for both of you.)

Module 2 - A “Gotta Have It” Opt-In Landing Page

You’ll learn what goes into a high-converting opt-in landing page, including a few must-haves that’ll make your page visitors feel like they just “gotta have” your freebie NOW.

Module 3 - Hook ‘Em With Your Welcome Sequence

This module takes all the guesswork out of how many emails to include in your welcome sequence, what to say and when to send them. You’ll learn how to write a welcome sequence that makes your new subscribers do a little happy dance when they see your name pop into their inboxes, as well as how to get them to actually use (and get results from) your freebie.

Module 4 - A Nurture Sequence That Connects And Captivates

You’ll learn how to make your subscribers fall head-over-heels for you and see you as the ONLY person who can get them the results they’re looking for. There’s a full breakdown of what your nurture sequence emails should include and tips on how to organically lead into your upcoming promo sequence.

Module 5 - Promo Sequence Secrets

In this module, you’ll learn 5 copywriter secrets to creating a promo sequence that SELLS. You’ll understand how to tease your offer and when to reveal it; how to create a sense of urgency and eliminate any objections. 

You’ll even get deets on how to include an optional down-sell, write click-worthy subject lines (which is key to getting your emails opened), and some next-level tips to boost sales.

Did somebody say, bonuses?

Yeah, I‘ve got 'EM! How ‘bout these Goodies…

Bonus #1 - Checklist: Driving Traffic To Your Freebie

I share all the ways (both free and paid) to promote your freebie so you can build your list with dream clients FAST.

Bonus #2 - PDF: Your Email Marketing Funnel Map

I created an in-depth funnel map to help you visualize the 6-Figure Sales Funnel process and give you an understanding of how each stage of the funnel builds on the last. You’ll see how it all comes together to add beaucoup bucks to your Stripe account.

Bonus #3 - Workbook: How To Write Newsletters That Connect + Captivate + Convert

Ghosting your list after your promo sequence ends is *no bueno* but what the heck should you write in your newsletters going forward? 

This handy-dandy little guide will help you keep the momentum going because inside I share my 3-step formula for newsletters that connect, captivate, and convert, 2 pages of newsletter topic ideas, and 4 ways to mine for additional topics if you run out of ideas.

Even if you’re new to email marketing...

You’ll grow your list FAST and snag a slew of dreamy clients willing to pull out their wallets the minute your offer goes live

✔️ Freebie Workshop, Cheatsheet, & Workbook (value = $147)

✔️ Opt-In Landing Page Workshop, Cheatsheet, & Workbook (value = $97)

✔️ Welcome Sequence Workshop, Cheatsheet, & Workbook (value = $147)

✔️ Nurture Sequence Workshop, Cheatsheet, & Workbook (value = $147)

✔️ Promo Sequence Secrets Workshop, Cheatsheet, & Workbook (value = $297)

✔️ Bonus #1: Driving Traffic To Your Freebie (value = $47)

✔️ Bonus #2: Email Marketing Funnel Map (value = $97)

✔️ Bonus #3: How To Write Newsletters That Connect + Captivate + Convert (value = $147)

Add it all up and the total value is more than $1100!

But you can get this ENTIRE funnel framework - including workshops, cheatsheets, and workbooks for only $37!

(Yep, that’s it!)

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Hey! I'm Christy. 


I help my clients become known for their special brand of sumpin-sumpin so they have ZERO competition. 

I created the 6-Figure Sales Funnel mini-course to help you generate quality leads on the daily and automate the sales process so you can get your time back and make more money. 

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