Captivate + Convert Episode 001: Welcome to the Podcast! -

Captivate + Convert Episode 001: Welcome to the Podcast!


Creating a podcast has been on my radar for a long time…

I actually bought a podcasting course almost 4 years ago but I never did anything with it.

You know how it goes sometimes…

You get an idea that lights you up and then Imposter Syndrome creeps in. You think, ugh, it’ll never work! The market’s saturated…what do I have to offer anyway? And if you’re anything like me, you get bogged down by the tech and let that be your reason excuse for putting your great idea on the back burner.

But I kept hearing this quiet little voice every once in a while, asking me if it might be time. And ultimately, I just decided that if I was feeling called to do this, there was a reason and I was finally ready to listen, so here we are!

So, why the Captivate & Convert Podcast?

As a connection-driven conversion copywriter and email strategist for coaches and creative business owners in the online space, I’ve built my business around helping my clients become known for what they do, attract consistent leads to their businesses, and automate the sales process so they’re able to stop trading so much of their time for the sake of making more money. 

And I thought, what better way to do that on a larger scale and help more people than to create a podcast where I can share my expertise and the things that I’ve learned over the years in my business to go from charging $35 an hour to having 5-figure months.

So…if you could use tips and strategies to attract the right clients into your business (I’m talking about the ones who are ready and willing to pay for your products or services) and hit the 6-figure or multiple 6-figure mark, The Captivate & Convert Podcast is right up your alley!

Each week on the podcast I’ll be talking all things copywriting, marketing, and branding. And because I don’t know all there is to know, I’ll be chatting with other biz experts about how to captivate your audience so they can’t imagine working with anybody but you and convert your followers to paying clients. 

Ready to claim your special brand of sumpin-sumpin and become known for what you do? Join me!



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