Captivate + Convert Episode 029: Better Together - Biz Partnerships That Work -

Captivate + Convert Episode 029: Better Together – Biz Partnerships That Work

With Kira Hug & Rob Marsh of TCC


“It wasn’t just a passion project where we were only doing a podcast and that was it. We just didn’t know what else it was going to become.”
— Rob Marsh

And to think it all started with a podcast…

Kira Hug & Rob Marsh are co-founders of The Copywriter Club (TCC), which offers memberships, courses, masterminds for copywriters looking to uplevel their skills and build a sustainable and profitable freelance business.

They met at a mastermind (not Tinder, as rumor would have it) and instantly clicked. When Rob wanted to start a podcast, Kira was a natural choice for co-host (or the second choice, I guess.)

So, The Copywriter Club podcast was born… but Kira and Rob didn’t stop there.

“We didn’t have a map or a blueprint of how we were going to build everything out and what type of products,” Kira says. “I think we both were open and knew that it would go to maybe courses. But I don’t think we knew a membership was going to come out of it, or mastermind groups were going to come out of it.”

Now, Rob and Kira split the responsibilities of running TTC as dual CEOs with a 50/50% partnership… while also running their own solo copywriting brands!

In this episode, we find out how the two decide which brand a new idea belongs under, how they deal with community members that aren’t a good fit, and which of them is the true diva!

Hit play and find a new way to work! You’ll learn:

∙ What goes into taking a new business idea from conception to fruition
∙ How Kira and Rob navigate the tensions of running a business as a 50/50 partnership
∙ What TCC currently offers — and what it may look like in the future

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About Kira Hug & Rob Marsh:

Kira Hug and Rob March are conversion copywriters, co-founders of The Copywriter Club, and co-hosts of the podcast of the same name. Rob has written everything from direct mail and TV to case studies for clients like American Express and Pluralsight. Kira has worked with global brands like Estee Lauder Companies and led marketing teams for startups like and global health nonprofits

Highlights:‌ ‌
01:52 Meet Kira Hug & Rob Marsh
03:03 The meet-cute
06:13 TCC origin
09:36 Co-CEOs
13:15 Communication & control
18:11 Negotiating ideas
21:24 Balancing solo businesses
25:53 Finding homes for ideas
29:16 The future of TCC
32:07 TCC program summary
36:11 The Christy Questions

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