Captivate + Convert Episode 005: How Human Design Can Help You Build A Better Business -

Captivate + Convert Episode 005: How Human Design Can Help You Build A Better Business

With Mindset & Intuitive Biz Coach Vanessa Hallick

What if you could build your business without the struggle? Seriously…what if it was easy and you were able to scale to 6-figures + by doing the things that excite and energize you instead of drain the life out of you?

In this episode, I chat with one of my mentors, Vanessa Hallick. Vanessa is a Mindset and Intuitive Business Coach who helps visionary women create profitable businesses online using a variety of modalities, from energy and breathwork to human design (which is the topic of today’s show.)

Vanessa explains what Human Design is and what the 5 Human Design types are. Then she goes even deeper into each individual energetic type’s unique gifts and how we can use those gifts to build super successful businesses with ease and flow.




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