Captivate + Convert Episode 020: Running A Business As A Highly Sensitive Person -

Captivate + Convert Episode 020: Running A Business As A Highly Sensitive Person

With Gemma Sandwell

If you’re an HSP, you’re likely to face some unique challenges as you build your business but the good news is, it’s 100% possible to be highly sensitive AND highly successful. 

In this week’s episode, I talk with the founder of The Happiness Branch, Gemma Sandwell. Gemma wears a lot of hats – she’s a TEDx speaker, mindset coach, mindfulness teacher, and reiki master and she helps highly sensitive and intuitive entrepreneurs use their superpowers.

During our conversation, we touched on the characteristics that define an HSP and how being an HSP differs from being an introvert. Gemma addresses some of the challenges unique to entrepreneurs who identify as HSPs and how to overcome them while honoring your needs at the same time. She also shares how to use positive psychology techniques to become more productive, creative, and resilient.






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