Captivate + Convert Episode 025: Shift Happens! -

Captivate + Convert Episode 025: Shift Happens!

“You can have all the strategies in the world from the top online business gurus, but if you’re struggling some way — physically, mentally, spiritually — you’re not going to be able to do what you came here to do. At least, not effectively.”

This isn’t a regular episode of Captivate + Convert— you’ll be getting one of those next week, don’t worry!

This episode is a little bit different (and a whole lot shorter)…

No guest interview this time. Instead, I want to give you a quick rundown of what’s been going on behind the scenes — and how it’s impacting the direction of the podcast.

If you’ve been listening since the beginning (thank you!), you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been inviting a wide range of guests on the show.

There’s still plenty of masterclass-style episodes where I give you tips and strategies about things like copywriting and marketing…

And of course, there are interviews with guests who come on and share their expertise in things like branding and biz strategy.

And that won’t change.

But as I’ve become more interested in things like leveraging my feminine energy, leaning into my intuition, human design, and overall well-being, I decided I wanted to host discussions on those topics as well.

And I realize if you’ve been tuning in for straight-up marketing advice and biz strategy, you may have been wondering why I’m talking about this stuff…

Or what it has to do with captivating your audience and converting them to clients.

The long-ish answer is this: my mission has always been to help women grow and scale their businesses —

But lately, it’s become equally important for me to share the tools to do that in a much more sustainable way.

I want to help change the narrative that glorifies hustle culture and leads to burnout.

I want every single woman running a business to know it’s 100% possible to become wildly successful without struggling, forcing, and grinding your way to the top.

The even longer answer? You’ll have to hit play to find out!

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