Captivate + Convert Episode 032: Ethical Cold Pitching -

Captivate + Convert Episode 032: Ethical Cold Pitching

With Bree Weber

“The types of cold pitches that I think of as ethical have only one recipient. They’re clearly crafted for that one brand or that one decision-maker, and they’re targeting a specific problem rather than pitching somebody’s self-worth or abilities.”
— Bree Weber

Can you imagine getting a genuine ‘thank you’ for sending out a cold pitch?

Well, Cold Pitch Evangelist, Bree Weber has cracked the code on how to craft a cold pitch that your prospect is actually happy about receiving.

Her secret? Ethical cold pitching.

“I generally think of cold pitching in two camps: traditional cold pitching, which we all have some associations with… it’s a relatively generic template that you maybe personalize a little bit, that is meant to operate at scale,” Bree says.

“When I talk about ethical cold pitching, I’m talking about not just pitching for work, but starting conversations and building relationships. When it comes from a place of connection and when it comes from a place of truly desiring to help someone, it’s a completely different experience for you, but also for the recipient of that cold pitch.”

It works — and she’s got the numbers to back it up.

In fact, Bree put her cold pitching method to the test in her own business, and 30 days later, her monthly revenue jumped from $2k to $10k!

Oh, and did I mention that the response rate to her pitches is 100%??

Compare THAT to traditional cold pitching!

Hit play and find a new way to work!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

✓ How Bree used ethical cold pitching to boost her revenue — and her best tips for implementing the method yourself
✓ The innovative “business roulette” process Bree used in order to discover her passion
✓ Top tactics for dealing with limiting beliefs like imposter syndrome & scarcity mindset

Highlights:‌ ‌
01:18 Meet Bree Weber
05:11 Business roulette
07:12 Ethical cold pitching
09:31 Cold pitch stigma
10:53 Mindset shifts
16:47 The good “no”
19:36 Connection approach
21:02 Top tips
25:36 Prospecting
28:39 Masterclass
33:51 The Christy Questions

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