Captivate + Convert Episode 055: A Year Of Christy Questions -

Captivate + Convert Episode 055: A Year Of Christy Questions

We’ve made it to the first anniversary of the Captivate + Convert podcast!

Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some amazing guests who have shared some legit tips and biz-building strategies across a range of disciplines, including brand building, copywriting, SEO, and more.

Honestly? When I first launched the podcast, I wasn’t sure how long it would last.

Let me tell you — producing a weekly show isn’t easy, especially for someone with no prior background in podcasting.

But despite all the uncertainty and overwhelm… Captivate + Convert has managed to consistently rank in the top 5% of business podcasts! (Thank you to everyone who has left a review or a five-star rating!)

Along with the juicy tidbits shared by my super interesting guests, many of you have told me that you love the Christy Questions segment.

In this episode, I share the history behind The Christy Questions, along with some of the top Christy Questions highlights from the last year.

You’ll hear about how copywriter Licia Morelli rocks her multi-passionate approach to writing…

You’ll learn why entrepreneur Kaley Sparling didn’t leverage her platform as a former Mrs. World when launching her biz…

You’ll discover how a family tragedy led Sara Vartanian to go full-time in her business…

… and much more.

Hit play to hear the stories behind the businesses and revisit some of the most popular topics we covered over the last year!

Things like…

✓ Why the right messaging will actually resonate more than a big name
✓ Where to draw the line when it comes to what you share as a personal brand
✓ How to combine your activism and your business

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Highlights:‌ ‌

00:33 Happy anniversary!

02:06 About The Christy Questions

04:04 Licia Morelli & doing all the things

10:51 Kaley Sparling & the right story

17:10 Cara Alwill & privacy

21:47 Rob Marsh & Kira Hug on the spot

33:42 Sara Vartanian & leaving her job

39:10 Tamika Auwai & activism

43:50 Outro

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