Captivate + Convert Episode 062: Create Your Own Signature Framework -

Captivate + Convert Episode 062: Create Your Own Signature Framework

With Tiffany Ingle

Do you ever scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see someone posting about their signature framework and think, how do I get one of those?

Well, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering what a signature framework is and how to create your own, this episode is right up your alley!

My guest this week is brand voice strategist Tiffany Ingle and she spills the tea on exactly what a signature framework is, how it will set you and your offers apart from your competition, and how to develop one of your own.

Sounds great, right?

But there’s more…

Tiffany also breaks down how creating your signature framework will actually simplify EVERYTHING about your brand strategy–from marketing to offer creation!

“When you’re thinking about creating a framework, you first want to consider what you’re doing right now,” Tiffany says. “Think about what’s working for you internally, and then figure out what’s working well for your existing clients. Get on the phone with themfind out what parts of the process are really resonating with them.”

Tiffany shares how to build a framework, when to roll it out, and whether you should share it publicly!

In this episode, you’ll learn:
✓ What it means to create a “framework” in your business — and why a good framework will become the spine of your brand
✓ The importance of being flexible and treating your framework as a living thing
✓ Whether you should focus on process or outcomes when it comes to your framework

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Highlights:‌ ‌

00:33 Intro

01:22 Meet Tiffany Ingle

03:43 The MLM intro

06:13 Shift to freelance writing

08:12 Entrepreneurship & motherhood

10:35 Pandemic & online courses

12:25 What is a framework & why have one?

14:22 How do you develop a framework?

17:30 Be flexible & responsive

18:44 Process or outcomes?

20:34 Share it publicly?

23:28 Lead magnets & templates

24:36 Tiffany’s CRAVE Framework

30:42 Outsourcing with a framework

32:15 The Christy Questions

37:01 Find Tiffany

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