Captivate + Convert Episode 064: Microdosing & Mental Health Part 2 -

Captivate + Convert Episode 064: Microdosing & Mental Health Part 2



We’ve been conditioned to believe that finding happiness is like a math equation — if you achieve a setlist of accomplishments, the outcome is “happily ever after.” X + Y = Z, right?

But if you’re living (and building a business) in the real world, you already know it doesn’t necessarily work out that way. 

Integration coach, breathwork facilitator, and psychedelic guide Kathleen Oh has worked with financially thriving six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs — people who (for all intents and purposes) appear to have figured out the secrets to success…and happiness.

But as Kathleen says, having the car, the house, and the investments doesn’t mean that they’re happy or feel connected to the people in their lives, the world, or even themselves.

“I think what microdosing does is really turns it around and acts as a mirror,” Kathleen says. “Those things that you want, you can be and become and create from the inside out.”

This is the second of a two-part interview series. In Part 1, we talked about Kathleen’s background, how microdosing actually works, and the political history of psychedelics.

In this episode, we dig into the juicy outcomes Kathleen’s entrepreneur clients experience — and why we need to rethink what “success” means to us.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why so many people become disillusioned after reaching a level of “success”
  • The outcomes that entrepreneurs like Tarzan Kay have reported after working with Kathleen 
  • Why having fewer choices might actually be more satisfying than having many

NOTE: This podcast episode is for educational purposes only.


Highlights:‌ ‌

00:34  Intro

03:19  Kathleen’s clients

08:06  What is success?

09:13  White colonial patriarchy + capitalism

12:00  Client outcomes

15:10  Less fear + more consistency

17:55  Richness + time

19:42  The Christy Questions


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