Captivate + Convert Episode 067: Why Stories Matter + How To Use Them Effectively -

Captivate + Convert Episode 067: Why Stories Matter + How To Use Them Effectively

With Amy Collins


How often do I get to record an episode that talks about both copywriting tips and erotic novels?

My guest Amy Collins is a copywriter who specializes in copy infused with attention-grabbing anecdotes and captivating brand stories. (And as someone who’s worked as an Uber driver, stand-up comic, novelist, and wine wholesaler, Amy definitely knows a good story!)

Why is storytelling SO effective when it comes to boosting conversions or growing brand loyalty? The answer is pure Psych 101. Our brains are hardwired to identify and apply meaning to patterns all around us — every time we hear a story, we unconsciously look for patterns we can relate to. 

Long ago, this survival mechanism helped our ancestors avoid chowing down on poisonous berries.

Today, it helps people create content that makes brands feel irresistibly relatable and authentic. 

The trick is sharing the right story and tying it to your CTA.

“That creates a sense of understanding, it creates meaning, it creates a sense of connection, which is what we’re really talking about in the end,” Amy says. “Whether we’re talking about just getting along with people or creating a good life or we’re talking about sales, at the end of the day we want authentic connection.”

In this conversation, we dive into why the right story is your most powerful tool… and why you should be having a LOT more fun with your emails!

Hit play and find a new way to work! In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Legit strategies and guidelines for using stories to create connections with your ideal clients and build strong brand loyalty
  • Why you should focus on managing energy rather than time — especially when working in a creative field 
  • How Amy integrates her creative passions into her work


Highlights:‌ ‌  

00:34  Intro

01:35  Meet Amy Collins

02:22  Amy’s career journey

06:44  Integrating creative pursuits

08:02  Manage time not energy

11:11  Pattern recognition & stories

13:40  Why does it work?

14:57  How to use stories effectively

17:11  Storytelling guidelines

20:21  Have more fun with emails!


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