CAPTIVATE + CONVERT EPISODE 076: Reinventing Yourself After Hardship - Part 1 -

CAPTIVATE + CONVERT EPISODE 076: Reinventing Yourself After Hardship – Part 1

With Peta O’Brien-Day


This week’s episode is the first of a two-parter that digs into some pretty heavy topics. 

Peta O’Brien-Day is a nurturing copywriter who helps biz owners nail a clear brand voice and connect with their dreamiest customers. 

She’s also a mom who’s had a HELL of a rough road to entrepreneurship.

When Peta was 32 with a two-year-old son, her husband Mark was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, told he had 18 months to live… and passed not long afterward.

Unbelievably tragic.

Peta was left to guide her toddler and herself through their grief, totally rethink her work and lifestyle… and eventually find love again. Along the way, she started a blog that shifted her career aspirations and led to launch her own biz.

Listen now to hear how she found her way to entrepreneurship after life on hard mode — then tune in next week for Part 2!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Peta successfully started over again after unthinkable tragedy (while caring for a tiny human by herself)
  • How to talk about death more helpfully with people who are deeply grieving — and why the usual go-to platitudes just don’t cut it most of the time  
  • How blogging led Peta into a career she had never even considered before



Highlights:‌ ‌

00:33  Intro

01:37  Meet Peta O’Brien-Day

02:45  Peta’s story

08:37  Grieving process

10:37  Starting over 

13:04  Support networks

14:58  Speaking about death

19:03  Instant Funnel Bundle

20:03  Leaving youth work

24:20  New love, new work, new baby

28:51  Transitioning to copywriting

32:55  International clients

34:38  Power of blogging


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