CAPTIVATE + CONVERT EPISODE 082: Business By Design -


With Amisha Shrimanker


“One of the best self-care things that I did was delete social media altogether for 90 days.”

—  Amisha Shrimanker

We’re busting some myths on this episode of Captivate + Convert! First up: to grow your business, you have to HUSTLE.

My guest Amisha Shrimanker is living proof that the hustle myth falls flat — taking time off is actually part of her business strategy. Amisha heads up The Copy Crew, a boutique copywriting agency that works with online entrepreneurs and coaches.  

I’ll tell you right now: this isn’t a rah-rah motivational episode where we pat ourselves on the back for building businesses we love. We get REAL about the struggle of having to take a cold, hard, honest look at your biz — and then fix everything you’ve been getting wrong.

In this episode, Amisha spills the deets on how she went from being a freelancer with ZERO boundaries to someone who takes Fridays off and schedules regular social media sabbaticals!

Hit play and find a new way to work! You’ll learn:

  • How to take an intentional, proactive approach to connecting with your dreamiest clients — and stop taking every random job that comes your way
  • The mindset shift that helped Amisha say no to an amazing opportunity (and why it was the right choice for her biz)
  • How building regular, non-negotiable CEO time into your schedule will help you create offers that POP!

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Highlights:‌ ‌

00:33  Intro

02:12  Meet Amisha Shrimanker!

03:21  From freelancer to agency owner

05:40  The hustle myth + 2020

07:55  The cold hard look

10:08  Extended social media breaks

12:23  Proactive + experimental approaches

18:55  Mindset + scheduling

21:26  Saying no to big opportunities

24:46  Scaling up

26:48  Finding balance

29:12  Restructuring offers

30:25  The “right way”

33:04  Setting boundaries + niching

38:19  Finding a fresh perspective

42:17  The Christy Questions

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