How To Write A Services Page That Sells -

How To Write A Services Page That Sells

When someone visits your site and checks out your offers, there are a few things they’re gonna look for before they consider hiring you…

#1 Whether or not you understand and relate to their needs

#2 Whether or not the solution you’re offering is what they’re looking for and

#3 The perceived value of your offers (meaning, what they get)

So, what kind of info should you include on your Services page to make it a no-brainer for them to contact you to learn more?

  • Talk about the results your programs deliver rather than what you do. What they really need to know is, what is really going to change for them when all is said and done. Bonus points if you include a few testimonials


  • Be specific about what your packages include. People want to know exactly what they’re going to get and your job is to make them feel that the value of your offer FAR exceeds the cost.


  • Include a call-to-action! I know I tend to beat this one to death but it matters. You can’t sell anything if people don’t have a way to send you a message or book a call with you. Always include a link to a message form, your online calendar, or application.

Now, I want to address a couple of FAQs that come up around Services pages…

The first one is, how many packages should you offer? I think three is a good number and let me tell you why…

Having more than 3 offers or packages tends to overwhelm people and will confuse them as to what it is you actually do. Most of the time when you have 4, 5, 6 offers, it’s more about a fear of niching down and wanting to offer something for everybody. But remember, you’re not for everybody.

The second FAQ is, should you list your rates? And I’ve completely changed my mind on this one…

I used to think everyone should list their rates because if people had to inquire about them, they would assume they couldn’t afford them.

As my own business grew and I was changing my rates pretty frequently to find my sweet spot, I learned what a pain it was to remember to update my website every time. And if I told a potential client a higher rate than what was listed on my site, it would look unprofessional.

I also learned the value in pre-qualifying potential clients by having them book a call to discuss their projects and then sending them a proposal. 

If they were willing to take the time to go through that process, it showed me they were serious about investing in my services, which meant I got a higher-caliber of clients who understood the value of my work and what it could do for their businesses.


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