How To Write Copy That Gets Clients -

How To Write Copy That Gets Clients

Copywriting isn’t about writing flowery verses and grammatically correct sentences…

The purpose of copywriting is to inspire action and the action you usually want it to inspire (as a business owner) is to drive sales to your offers.

So, in order to write copy that gets clients, it needs to follow what I call my Connect + Captivate + Convert Framework, which means it has to:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Captivate their attention (and make them want to know more) and
  • Convert your social media followers and email subscribers to paying customers

But let’s break that framework down even more because when you understand how it works, you can start signing clients on demand.

#1 – Use your message to connect with your ideal clients

Your message is an expression of your brand. It helps your audience understand 

✓who you are

✓what you do and

 ✓why they should choose you 

Essentially, it’s what you want to be known for…

So, when you’re clear about what you want to be known for, you’ll be able to create offers and marketing content that aligns with your message and connects with your ideal clients.

#2 – Use storytelling to captivate your audience

You’ve probably heard me say it before but people buy based on emotions. We don’t want products or services; we want results. 

Your ideal clients want to experience a transformation, whether it’s in their personal lives, their businesses, or their health.

For that reason, sharing stories of your own transformation as well as the results you’ve gotten for your clients will evoke emotions and captivate your audience. 

And when you make your ideal clients part of the story by talking about how they’re going to feel after working with you, they’ll want to know more. 

If you need ideas for how to make them part of the story, here are a few Qs to ask yourself as you write about what you do:

  • Who will they become? 
  • What will they be able to do? 
  • What will they gain?

#3 – Use CTAs to convert followers & subscribers to clients

CTAs or calls to action are a must-have in every piece of content you create for your business because they give your ideal clients clear instructions about what action you’d like them to take next.

The call to action you use will vary depending on what platform you’re writing copy for and what your goals are…

For example, if you’re writing copy for the opt-in form for your website in hopes of converting website visitors to email subscribers, your call to action might be something like, ‘Click here to download your free guide.’

If you’re writing an email to your subscribers with the goal of promoting a discovery call with you, the content of your email should lead your readers to the call to action of clicking a link to your calendar to book the call.

A word of caution about CTAs  

Having too many will be confusing to your audience because with several choices, the next step you want them to take will be unclear, and they’re likely to do nothing. 

Stick to one or two calls to action (depending on where you’re using them.)

The types of CTAs that perform the best are clear, simple, and offer your ideal clients a compelling reason to follow through.

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