My 4-Step Framework for a 6-Figure Sales Funnel -

My 4-Step Framework for a 6-Figure Sales Funnel

Turn new leads into loyal customers on autopilot? Sounds dreamy, right?

We’ve all heard the saying that the money’s in the list but the truth is, your list worthless if your subscribers don’t feel a connection with you. The money is in the relationship you have with your list.

The key to an email marketing campaign that converts like crazy is knowing how to build and nurture the relationship with your subscribers so they’re inspired to take action (AKA engage with your content and buy your stuff.) And that, my friend, boils down to great copy. Without knowing what to say and how to say it, your offers will fall flat.

When you set out to create an email campaign or sales funnel sequence, think about you can structure it in a way that takes your subscribers on a journey while focusing on building community, developing trust, and positioning yourself as an expert. And hold off on making your offer until they’re invested in the idea of what’s possible if they work with you.

But how do you do all that?

Check out this super simple 4-step framework that takes all the guesswork out of what goes into a successful sales funnel and shows you what to say to build that know, like, and trust factor you’ve heard so much about​:

Step 1 – Assemble Your Squad – This is all about attracting your dream clients and building an email list of raving fans. #squadgoals

  • Opt-in – this is your lead magnet or your freebie; it’s something of value you can provide or teach your ideal clients in exchange for the privilege of taking up space in their inboxes.
  • Landing page – the page your subscribers-to-be “land” on when they click through to enter their name and email address to your sign-up form.
  • A welcome sequence that #1- delivers the freebie and #2 provides additional value and shows them what to expect from you.

Step 2 – Becoming BFFs – This is all about building the relationship with your audience so they’re excited when they see your name pop into their inboxes every week. You wanna provide tons of value and share stories here. *if you already have a list but you haven’t been communicating with them, start them at this stage.

Step 3 – Be A Tease – This is all about positioning yourself as an expert, sharing social proof, AND making them want what they don’t even know is coming…yet. *if you already have a list you’ve been emailing regularly, start them at this stage.

Step 4 – The Perfect Pitch – This is where you show ‘em whatcha got and seal the deal. Your copy should focus on educating them about your product or service while building excitement and anticipation. You want them to have FOMO for real.

Content Ideas:

  • Program deets
  • Objections/FAQs
  • Bonuses
  • Your origin story
  • The program value
  • Testimonials
  • Cart close reminder​s


There are a lot of pieces to the online marketing puzzle for sure, but the 4-step framework I’ve laid out for you here is the foundation of a SUPER successful sales funnel and it’ll get you off the struggle bus when it comes to signing clients. Need help with your copy?   >>>CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH<<<

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