Here's how I can help...

as an entrepreneur, You're already busy. designing a new website, launching a program, or creating consistent content for your blog and social on top of everything else you have to do on the daily is crazy town. 

I can take care of the copywriting and content marketing pieces that will attract the right people to you and your brand so you can focus on the things that excite you in your business.

More excitement means you're able do your best work, serve more people, and make more money doing what you love.

Website Copy Package:

Your website is kinda like your own personal stage. It's your time to shine! I know how important it is to tell your story in a way that speaks to your dream clients. You know, the ones who can't live without your particular brand of magic. I will help you craft your message and share your offers in a way that keeps their fingers clickety-clicking around all the pages of your site to learn more!

Here's the deal:

+ Strategy Call
+ Custom branding questionnaire
+ Research on your specific niche & target audience
+ outline for your project
+ 4 pages of copy (Home, about, work with me & contact pages)
+ ongoing communication during your project via voxer & email
+ 1 Round of revisions per page


**page options are customizable and copy for additional pages is available as an add on at my hourly rate of $70

Yes! I need website copy!

Opt-in Email Sequence: 

Building an email list (and consistently communicating with your subscribers) is the single most important thing you can do to grow your business. There, I said it. Email is a more personal way to connect with your audience. And your list is the one thing you OWN. So, say your dream client becomes a what? I can create a series of emails that takes her on a little journey that starts with you giving her an amazing free resource that solves a problem for her, and ends with her wanting to be part of your squad for life!

Here's the deal:

+ Strategy call
+ custom branding questionnaire
+ research on your specific niche & target audience
+ outline for your project
+ series of 3 emails with delivery schedule
+ ongoing communication during your project via voxer & email
+ 1 round of revisions per email



YES! I need an opt-in email sequence!

Custom Launch Copy Package:

You've created a legit life changing program and you're ready to share it with the world. But it's so. much. work. to pull it all off. I'm not gonna lie...launches are super stressful and there are a lot of moving parts, but I've got you. From opt-in to cart close, I'll create copy that demonstrates how your program solves a problem for your ideal clients, emphasizes the value of what you have to offer, and makes clicking the "Buy Now" button a no-brainer!

**PLEASE NOTE: Each launch is unique and the use of sales and/or landing pages will differ as will the number of emails required in a launch sequence. I've provided an idea of what the package might include and pricing below, but I won't know the full scope of the work required until we chat to determine what and how much content you need, 

Here's the deal:

+ strategy call
+ custom branding questionnaire
+ research on your specific niche & target audience
+ outline & timeline for your launch
+ copy for landing page detailing your opt-in/lead magnet
+ short or long form sales page (if required)
+ 12-14 email launch sequence
+ Ongoing communication during your launch via voxer & email
+ 1 round of revisions per page or email

starting at $1895

**this package is customized to your unique launch and the final investment details will be determined after our strategy call

yes! I need launch copy!

À la carte Content MarketingServices:

It's no secret that creating great content consistently is critical to building a relationship with your audience. How else will they get to know, like, and trust you and eventually become paying clients? But as a small biz owner with a mile long to-do list, finding time to interact on social media, update your blog, and send out newsletters on the regular can be an overwhelming proposition. On top of all that, how do you create content your audience will connect with and want more of?

I've got you covered, doll. My content strategy is all about creating community, demonstrating brand authenticity, and cultivating a sense of loyalty within your audience by sharing valuable content that showcases your expertise. 

menu of services:

+ Blog Posts
+ Newsletters
+educational email sequences
+ social media strategy & content

Billed at my hourly rate of $70

**Any and all of these services can be combined into a custom package and monthly retainer service options are available as well

Yes! I need content marketing services!