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6-Figure Sales Funnel Mini-Course

In just under an hour, my 6-Figure Sales Funnel mini-course will show you how to

✓ Create a To-DIE-For freebie your dream clients can’t wait to get their hands on..

✓ Attract the people you actually want to work with and take the ick-factor out of selling.

✓ Write personality-driven copy that connects + captivates + CONVERTS. ™️

My clients pay me $5k-$10k to write the copy for their launch sequences, evergreen sales funnels, and long-form sales pages...

Now you can instantly access the EXACT format I use to create them for a fraction of the cost of working with me 1:1!

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We’ve all heard the saying “the money’s in the list” right? But the real money is in the relationship you have with your list. 

Email marketing works but there’s a catch…

You have to have a pretty solid strategy behind the content of your email campaigns and the timing of your offers.

What if you didn’t have to hustle so hard to make consistent sales?

How much of a game-changer would it be if you could automate the sales/discovery call process and start signing clients ON DEMAND?



+ Step-by-step slides with voice-overs that explain EXACTLY what to do & in what order.

+ PDF workbook that takes you through each step.

+ An easy to use online portal where you can access all of the teachings & trainings in one user-friendly space.

6-Figure Sales Page Template 

There’s a lot at stake, I get it…

Selling out that signature program you just spent months putting together means you need to NAIL the sales page.

And it can be intimidating because you’re not a copywriter....and maybe you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on hiring one just yet.

I put the EXACT structure I use to write high-converting sales pages for client launches (the ones they pay me beaucoup bucks to write) in PDF form just for you. 

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Is the thought of writing the long-form sales page for your upcoming launch freaking you out? 

What if you had a legit template created by a profesh copywriter that you could just literally copy, paste, and customize? Sounds kinda dreamy, doesn’t it?

 “If you have a high-ticket training program, mastermind, bootcamp, or 1:1 offer and you’re unsure how to approach the email sales funnel, this course delivers on it’s promise, guiding you through each step, from creating your lead magnet to writing your sales page and sales email sequence. “

Petra  says: