Using Your Own Voice In Your Writing -

Using Your Own Voice In Your Writing

When I first start working with clients, they’re usually under the impression that in order to sound professional, their copy should read like a resume; all facts, and no personality. Most of them are afraid to use any common language, jargon, or slang terms in any of their content.

Your copy should sound like YOU.  

Here’s the thing: whether you’re writing copy for your website, emails, or social media, it’s a good idea to keep your tone conversational. The words you write should sound like words you’d actually say. Sprinkling your own jargon into your copy is a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Just ask yourself if it’s appropriate for your audience, and don’t overdo it. Try to keep in mind that your copy should read like a discussion with a friend about the subject at hand.

The good news is you don’t have to sound all buttoned up and business-like to be professional! Your clients want to do business with you because you’re authentic and relatable; not because you use overly polished language.


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Own Voice in Your Writing


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