Here's how it works...

You checked out my Services page and you just know we're a perfect match? Sweet! The feeling's mutual!

When you click the "Let's Chat!" link under one of my packages, you'll be taken to a contact form. Once you submit it, I'll shoot you an email with a link to my calendar to schedule a call so we can explore building your community and taking your biz to the next level.

If after we speak you're ready to do this thing, payment is required up front to secure a spot on my calendar (The 6-Figure Sales Funnel can be split into 2 payments.) I'm usually booking 2-4 weeks out depending on the scope of the work required for your project.

Once we've signed on the dotted line (yep, I'll send you a contract to keep things legit) we're good to go! 

Let's get started!