So, here's how it works...

The process starts with us having a chat. I hate referring to it as a consulting call. That sounds stuffy and boring...I'm more of a casual kinda girl. We'll talk about your biz, what kind of copy you're looking for, and your timeline. 

Next, I'll create a custom questionnaire for you to fill out so we can both be super clear on your brand identity and messaging, who you're here to serve, and what problem you solve for them. Then, I'll research your specific niche and target audience, create an outline for your project, and we're off and running!

Throughout the process we'll communicate on the regular through Voxer and email. One round of revisions per "page" of copy is included in each package and I usually submit each page to you for approval via Google Docs. I want you to be 100% happy before I move on. When your project is complete, all documents are delivered to you or your graphic designer (to make it look pretty) and you're on your way to changing the world! 

Let's get started!