I write words that help you sign clients on demand and sell your signature programs on autopilot. 

I'm Christy. 

I'm a copywriter and email marketing strategist, and I write words that help you attract dreamy clients and sell out your high-end programs. 

Are you tired of playing the will-I-make-any-money-this-month game? What if you had your own personal lead-gen MACHINE that allowed you to scale to 6-figures with ease?

How would your life change if consistent $5k-$10k+ months were a given?

It's not quantum physics...

Magnetic messaging + compelling copy = clients on DEMAND. 


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Ready to sell your signature program on autopilot with ZERO 'ick' factor?

I got you. The hustle for clients is officially over.

Imagine getting consistent leads on the daily? I’m talking dreamy clients dying to book Discovery Calls with you, shouting, “Yes, PLEASE!” to your high-ticket offers...

The key to writing copy that converts is knowing what to say to build that know, like, and trust factor you've heard so much about and making your offer when your audience is primed and ready to buy

That's where I come in...


Sound about right?

Your shiny new coaching program is ready to go...

Or maybe you just put the finishing touches on your first online course...

Now, after MONTHS of market research, planning, and content creation, you gotta sell this thing.

✔️There's a lot riding on launching this baby

✔️You need this to work in order to scale without trading more of your time for 💰

Let me help you hit consistent $5k-$10k months without the crazy.



“Hi Christy, I have three words to say: YOU ARE BRILLIANT! I love what you did with my material. You certainly have a way with words. You make me feel less overwhelmed as I work through this. Your support is greatly appreciated.”

LarA  says:


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“It took me almost 2 years to find a great copywriter and content manager. Christy is a magic worker. She has a gift to ensure the writing sounds like you and has your personality! Thank you, Christy! I will absolutely never work with anyone else!”

Agata  says:


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“I'm a huge believer in hiring the experts. If you're building a website, you absolutely need a professional writer who truly understands your business and customer journey. Christy is not only an expert with words but she knows how to strategically tell a story in a way that resonates with potential clients. She saves you time by turning your vague ideas into a carefully crafted masterpiece. Christy surpassed our company's expectations and we've already recommended her to clients. Hire her!”

Elise says:


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“I was in a bind trying to help my clients get the copy for their websites (it's hard to write about yourself) but Christy came through with very fair pricing and super speedy turnaround. She made my job SO much easier! My clients were singing her praises and thanking me for sending her! She's a dream come true and hope she's available to help me continuously!”

BreeziE  says:


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“It's been such a pleasure working with Christy! She is very timely and professional, and really goes above and beyond to understand and reflect your brand with her copywriting services. I gave her complete freedom and was thrilled with not only the syle, but how well researched the final product was. She understood the direction of my brand very well.”

Stacy says:


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“Christy was absolutely amazing through the process of building my website. Her expertise, efficiency, and flexibility were impeccable! Each time I needed extra help to fill in the blanks, she was on it! Her professionalism and prompt customer service are what make her stand out. I highly recommend hiring her!”

Shalyn says:


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“Not all copywriters are the same. I would hands down recommend Christy to anyone looking for a brilliant and talented copywriter.She is truly able to extract your brand and voice and bring both to life! I'm fortunate to have found the best of the best”

BeenA  says:


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“Christy is a superstar! I may have some great ideas, but Christy has an amazing ability to bring the copy together. Christy is fun to work with and offers amazing insight. She is supportive and does an exceptional job at returning your completed "new and improved" material very quickly. Thank you, Christy! You are my go-to copy gal!”

LT says:


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“Christy did all the copywriting for our business website. She was easy to work with and very professional. I highly recommend her.”

Ashley says:


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“Your work was effective, timely and affordable. I appreciated how accessible yet professional you were. You came recommended and didn't disappoint.”

Adam says:


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"These emails look great! You did a fantastic job - they sound just like me!"

cortney says:


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"I love you even more now. Cue all the angels singing - your marketing is genius! <3"

kristin says:


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"You nailed the copy! I am so excited to get this on the site...love it! Thank you again SO much for your killer skills."

Kaley says:


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"I knew if you could convince me with your copy, you could do the same for my ICA. I did not expect that I would make no changes to the first draft. Everything was perfect!"

nana says:


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