Let’s showcase your special brand of somethin’ somethin’ instead.

Tired of generic messaging and cookie-cutter copy?

Hi! I'm Christy. 

About Me

C'MON, LEAN IN. I wanna tell you something... 

There are thousands of people who do what you do...but you?

You're an original, my friend. No one does it quite the same way.

And it's time to get the word out because you want your BFF clients to feel that you-get-me vibe when they enter your world.

That's where I come in. 👋🏼

I write personality-packed, connection-driven copy that helps you attract the people you actually *want* to work with...

...and makes hiring you the easiest decision they've ever made!

And I'm the copywriter that's about to help you get paid to do what only you can do.

spotify playlist

80's British pop. D2 & Squeeze on repeat

fave tv show

The Office...or Arrested Development

The important stuff...

Go-to cocktail

Fruity martinis (shaken, not stirred)

Pet peeve

When the microwave timer isn't cleared 

Guilty pleasure

RHOBH but there's no shame in my game

Can't get enough

Frenchies. I have 2...I'm obsessed.

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as seen in:

A bond that's formed between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.
~the Dictionary

Tell Me More

The last thing your audience wants is another copycat coach cajoling them into parting with their hard-earned cash in the name of marketing. 

Yuck. Generic coach speak and high-pressure sales pitches are so 2018. 

And your BFF clients are over it.

They want to work with someone they feel a connection with.

That ain't gonna happen if you're hiding who you really are behind a bunch of industry buzzwords and carefully curated brand photos.

Ready to own the REAL you and show your people that working with you is a perfect fit?


💥 Using the same tone, words, and phrases in your copy as the every other online biz guru won't attract your perfect-fit clients.

💥 Sounding like a D-list celeb hawking their wares on late night TV isn't the secret to a successful launch.

💥 Churning out content for every social media platform day after day isn't the only way to showcase your personality.

💥 No copy & paste template, blueprint, or script will guarantee you more sales than you being the one and only you will.


Want a website, sales page, or email sequence that's fun & fresh with zero sleaze?

Let's Chat

Let's set the record straight about marketing, shall we?

"You know what type of copy converts? Fun copy. Yeah, I said fun.

-Kira Hug of The Copywriter Club

And Christy is one of the few copywriters who integrates fun, personality-driven copy (full of iconic pop-culture references your audience will get and love) with launch strategy that not only builds trust with your audience but also takes your prospect from unaware to highly aware and ready to buy.

If you're interested in building a powerful brand that connects with your people on an emotional level, Christy is perfect for you. I trusted Christy with my brand voice & community and so should you."


"Christy is absolutely amazing at writing copy that converts and captivates. Not only is she witty, excellent at capturing your message + story and a razor-sharp business woman but she’s also an amazing heart centered + caring being."

Vanessa says:

“It took me almost 2 years to find a great copywriter and content manager. Christy is a magic worker. She has a gift to ensure the writing sounds like you and has your personality! Thank you, Christy! I will absolutely never work with anyone else!”

Agata says:

Christy is not only an expert with words but she knows how to strategically tell a story in a way that resonates with potential clients. She saves you time by turning your vague ideas into a carefully crafted masterpiece. Christy surpassed our company's expectations and we've already recommended her to clients. Hire her!”

Elise says:

“It's been such a pleasure working with Christy! She is very timely and professional, and really goes above and beyond to understand and reflect your brand with her copywriting services. I gave her complete freedom and was thrilled with not only the syle, but how well researched the final product was. She understood the direction of my brand very well.”

Stacy says:

"Hiring Christy to write my welcome email sequence was one of the best decisions I’ve made this year! She took the jumble of ideas in my brain and turned it into a cohesive, strategic sequence that totally felt and sounded like ME...I’ve already seen an increase in my open and click rates!”

Katie says:

"These [emails] are AMAZING! You got it all...spot on. Like you’re in my head. I laughed a little. Got chills. All the feels...they’re really perfect. Thank you!!!! When are you ready for my next project??"

Kristie says:

"I just opened up the sales page and I’m SO excited! I absolutely LOVE it! It feels so me! It’s so fun and playful...it’s just so good! I’m so excited that I invested in having you do this for me! Thank you SO MUCH!"

Anna says:

What if your content sparked genuine conversations with potential BFF clients?


Totally possible! with personality-packed, connection-driven copy that sounds like you...only better.

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