Can I be real with you?

It doesn't matter how pretty your website looks or how many subscribers you have on your list...

If your message isn't getting your ideal clients to sign on the dotted line, you'll be seeing very little action in your Stripe account.

Copy that Connects + Captivates - 

Makes your ideal clients feel seen and heard...

Which organically leads to conversions.

That right there?

Is how you turn browsers into buyers.

Here's how we can boost your It-factor so you can makes slime-free sales in your sleep:



+ Brand voice & ideal client Q & A (to be completed before your session)

+ Story Mining Doc (if applicable)

+ 30 min Kick-Off call 

+ Strategy and copy done-WITH-you

+ Voxer support throughout your Done-In-A-Day session

+ Final draft delivered to your inbox the next day

+ Email & Voxer access to me for 3 business days after your session

 you show up to this all-day session with YOUR research done and a first draft in hand (don't worry - i'll give you my templates) and I'll take your copy from ho-hum to hell YES! plus make sure it's optimized for conversions. Here are some ideas of what we can check off your to-do list:

➟ Rewrite your welcome, nurture, or promo sequence ( up to 5 emails)  -OR-

➟ Revamp your long-form sales page  -OR-

➟ Rework 2-3 pages of website copy


Let's Chat!

"I knew if you could convince me with your copy, you could do the same for my ICA. I did not expect that I would make no changes to the first draft. Everything was perfect!"

-  Nana Monney

"You nailed the copy! I am so excited to get this on the it! Thank you again SO much for your killer skills."

- Kaley Sparling

Email Campaigns


+ Custom brand voice & ideal client Q & A (to be completed before your strategy session)

+ 60 min kick-off call 

+ Market research (VOC research as well as research on your particular niche)

+ Story mining

+ 5-12 Emails (depending on your package) + Strategy

+ T, W, Th 10 AM - 4 PM Voxer access to me throughout your project 

+ 1 Round of revisions per email

Whether you need a welcome/Nurture or promo sequence or a combo to build out your email marketing funnel (Umm, hello hot leads on the daily!)

I can write emails that reveal your winning personality and make bank.

Starting at $3300

I Need Emails That Sell!

"Christy is detail-oriented and she connects facts with emotions. She engages the reader and her content inspires action. If you are just looking for a writer, sorry Christy is not for you. She is more than a writer, she is a strategic thinker and a great partner." 

-  Sandy Viteri-Mericka

"Christy, you have truly been a gift from the writing gods. Not only have you been timely, organized, and professional (all things I aspire to be when I grow up!) you keep me on my toes--which is no small task. Thanks, friend. YOU ROCK!"

-  Cortney Baker

"Before hiring Christy, I was sitting on too many pages of ideas and an outdated sales page that had been "edited" multiple times over the last few years.

After working with Christy, I feel relieved that the project I'd been putting off for too long is finally DONE! She took over ten pages of my word vomit and created a simple, clear, and accurate sales page for me in less than 48 hours. Absolutely worth the investment.

I also love how approachable and streamlined her process was. If you've been putting off revamping your copy, I recommend getting out of your own way and outsourcing this kind of specialized copywriting work to someone who loves doing it (and is great at it, too)."

-  Rochelle Sanchez

Long-Form Sales Page 

It's your time to shine...And sell. with me behind the screen, You'll have a Long-Form sales page that showcases your special brand of sumpin-sumpin and generates beaucoup bucks for your signature offer. 

Starting at $5000


+ Custom brand voice and ideal client Q & A (to be completed before your strategy session)

+ 60-minute kick-off call session  

+ Market research (VOC research as well as research on your particular niche)

+ Story mining

+ Copy for your Long-Form Sales Page - optimized for conversions

+ Sample Wireframe

+ T, W, Th 10 AM - 4 PM Voxer Access To Me Throughout Your Project 

+ 1 Round of revisions

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"Not all copywriters are the same. I would hands-down recommend Christy to anyone looking for a brilliant and talented copywriter. Christy is truly able to extract your brand and voice and bring both to life in the copy! I have worked with Christy for several of my client projects and as a social media strategist and consultant, I'm incredibly picky about who I partner with for my clients. I'm fortunate to have found the best of the best. Thank you, Christy, for all that you do!"

-  Beena Miller

Christy, is incredible at turning stuffy sales funnels into a soulful, intuitive and humorous experience for your audience so they actually want to buy. I couldn’t recommend Christy highly enough. She is a gem 💖

-  Vanessa Hallick