Can I be honest?

It doesn't matter how many subscribers you have on your list or how pretty your website is...

If you're not showing people who you really are beyond the industry buzzwords and carefully curated brand photos, your BFF clients will find someone who does.

(Now there's a #truthbomb for ya.)

We choose to work with people we can relate to.

Connections are formed when we feel seen, heard, and valued through our shared beliefs and experiences.

When your copy focuses on connection over conversions...

...the people you actually want  to work with will flock to you like Ferris Bueller in the Von Steuben Day parade.

Let's boost your "It" factor and showcase your special brand of somethin' somethin'

"I knew if you could convince me with your copy, you could do the same for my ICA. I did not expect that I would make no changes to the first draft. Everything was perfect!"

- Nana Monney

"You nailed the copy! I am so excited to get this on the it! Thank you again SO much for your killer skills."

- Kaley Sparling

Hot Copy Intensive

+ Brand Voice & Ideal Client Q & A 

+ Story Mining 

+ 60 Minute Kick-Off Call

+ Super Fast Turnaround 

+ Email & Voxer Support Throughout Your VIP Intensive + 3 Business Days After It's Done

* during a vip instensive we can...

write copy for a landing page + up to 5 emails, redo your website copy or give your sales page a much-needed makeover

Your copy. Coming in fast and HOT. 🔥

Looking for a way to take your website, emails, or sales page from ho-hum to HELL YES in 72 hours?

Hot Copy VIP Intensive to the rescue!

Here’s how it works:

1️⃣ You book your spot on my calendar & I send over a couple of questionnaires to gather some intel on you and your brand.

2️⃣ You show up to our Tuesday morning kick-off call with an outline or a draft of your copy & we'll go over your goals for the project.

3️⃣ I work on zhuzhing up your copy so it's packed with your winning personality & drives ACTION (‘cause that’s what copywriting’s all about.)

4️⃣ The new and improved (and perfectly polished) version of your project is delivered to your inbox by 5 pm on Friday. 🙌


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What's Included


"Christy is detail-oriented and she connects facts with emotions. She engages the reader and her content inspires action. If you are just looking for a writer, sorry Christy is not for you. She is more than a writer, she is a strategic thinker and a great partner." 

- Sandy Viteri-Mericka

"Christy, you have truly been a gift from the writing gods. Not only have you been timely, organized, and professional (all things I aspire to be when I grow up!) you keep me on my toes--which is no small task. Thanks, friend. YOU ROCK!"

- Cortney Baker

After working with Christy, I feel relieved that the project I'd been putting off for too long is finally DONE! She took over ten pages of my word vomit and created a simple, clear, and accurate sales page for me in less than 48 hours. Absolutely worth the investment.

- Rochelle Sanchez

Choose-Your-Own Copy Packages

Wanna get that copy project checked off the ol' to-do list once and for all?

Whether you need website copy, emails, or a sales page that showcases your special brand of somethin' somethin' (and gets people to take the next step)...

I'll handle it while you do what you do best!

I offer several done-for-you packages from website copy to full funnels.

I'll even customize a package to save you some cash if you have more than one project you need done. 


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+ Brand Voice & Ideal Client Q & A 

+ Story Mining 

+ VOC & Market Research 

+ 60 Minute Kick-Off Call

+ 60 Minute Progress Call (if needed)

+ Copy & Strategy (Specific To Your Project)

+ Voxer Access To Me Throughout Your Project + 3 Business Days After It's Done

+ 1 Round Of Revisions Per Page Of Copy

 I have worked with Christy for several of my client projects and as a social media strategist and consultant, I'm incredibly picky about who I partner with for my clients. I'm fortunate to have found the best of the best. Thank you, Christy, for all that you do!"

- Beena Miller

Christy, is incredible at turning stuffy sales funnels into a soulful, intuitive and humorous experience for your audience so they actually want to buy. I couldn’t recommend Christy highly enough. She is a gem 💖

- Vanessa Hallick