Ready to render the competition irrelevant? 

It's totally possible to fill your 1:1 & group spots without spending your days "providing value" in facebook groups or sending spammy dms on Instagram.

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when your message resonates with your people...and they feel seen & heard?

working with you becomes the obvious next step.

Wish you knew how to attract the people you actually want to work with and WARD OFF THE LOOKY-LOOS WHO DON’T really GET YOU?


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despite what you've seen on the interwebs, cringey sales tactics aren't a good look


And they don't work. 

I mean, sure, you can guilt a few people into working with you by using fear as a motivator and making false promises... 

But if that's how you wanna roll? I'm not the copywriter for you. 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you're interested in working with someone who will...

✓ internet stalk the heck out of your ideal clients to find out exactly what they're thinking and feeling...

✓ make sure your message resonates with the people you *want* to work with and repels the ones you don't...

✓ craft emails and sales pages that'll help you fill your calendar with clients (completely free of FOMO and false scarcity)...

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How to write emails that sell

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spotify playlist

80's British pop 

fave tv show

Arrested Development & The Office

The fun stuff...

Go-to cocktail

Casamigos skinny marg - rocks, no salt

Pet peeve

When people sing along & don't know the words

Guilty pleasure

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Can't get enough

Sassy coffee's a problem

My 80's t-shirt collection is a little out of control and I have almost no filter when it comes to asking personal questions.

When I’m not trying to find a way to work John Hughes movie quotes into my sales copy, I'm probably reading an obscure memoir, talking to my 2 Frenchies like toddlers, or texting Schitt's Creek gifs to my friends and family (Eww, David!)