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Because THAT right there is how you become besties with your ideal clients and sell your signature offer on autopilot. 

Wish you knew how to attract the people you actually want to work with and WARD OFF THE LOOKY-LOOS WHO DON’T really GET YOU?


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I’m not a fan of small talk or chit-chatting about surface bullsh*t (and guess what...neither are your dream clients)


I like to know what makes people who they are. I’m obsessed with understanding why people think, say, and do the things they do. 

Before I research your brand voice and ICA, I ask some deep Qs (my friends lovingly refer to them as "Christy Questions") and that’s exactly how I’m able to write copy that my clients say sounds like them, only better. 

Because what those Qs really do is allow me to get to know the real real about you and your ideal clients. 

That way I can write words that help you become known for being you and make your audience obsess over you, so you can fill your calendar with clients.



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I'm a die-hard 80's British pop fan

fave tv show

I have 2! The Office & Arrested Development

And now for the important stuff...

Go-to cocktail

Classic margarita - rocks, no salt

Pet peeve

When people sing along and don't know the words

Guilty pleasure

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Can't get enough

Frenchies. I have 2...I'm obsessed

I'm famous for my 80's t-shirt collection and asking personal questions before it's appropriate. When I’m not slinging words behind my computer screen, you can find me reading a memoir you've probably never heard of, talking to my dogs like they're toddlers, or sipping a mocha flavored cold brew from my Ferris Bueller mug, trying to find a way to work quotes from the movie into my sales copy.