How To Create The Right Offers For Your Audience -

How To Create The Right Offers For Your Audience

It’s an online biz owner’s worst nightmare…you have a moment of divine inspiration and an idea for the most life-changing program comes to you. 

You spend months putting it together–your blood, sweat, and tears dripping from every slide, PDF, launch email, and sales page.

Launch day comes and you open the cart; it’s game ON. And then…crickets.

Inspired ideas are a great jumping-off point but if you’re the only one who sees the value in creating an offer (and all the content that goes with it) around said idea, your conversion rate is bound to be disappointing.

Assuming you have your ICA dialed in, (read this article if you need a refresher on that) the next step to create an offer that sells is to find out if your life-changing program is something your ideal clients actually want.

But how do you know what they want? The best way to figure out what your audience wants from you is to ask!

Surveys and market research aren’t the sexiest things for creative entrepreneurs to focus on; believe me, I get it. But knowing what your ideal clients want is the only way to hone your messaging in a way that resonates with them and create programs they want to buy. 

There are a few different ways you can get feedback from your audience:

  • Send a short survey – surveys make it easy to get specific feedback from your audience based on the questions you ask. 
  • Reach out on social media – ask questions during a FB Live on your business page, create a poll in your IG stories, or survey members of FB groups you’re a part of (with permission from group admins, of course.)
  • Phone/Zoom calls – invite an ideal client to have a virtual coffee and ask if they wouldn’t mind you asking them a few market research questions (most people are happy to spend a few minutes talking about what they want (and don’t want) but always be clear about the purpose of the call so they know what you’re up to.)

Calls can be a little intimidating because they’re more intimate but they’re a great way to have an organic conversation and hear the language your ideal clients use when talking about their pain points (which is super helpful for creating content.)

Once you’ve conducted a little market research, you can look for patterns in the feedback. What were the common challenges you heard over and over? How can you help address them? 

When you have that figured out, creating content that speaks to your ideal clients and offers they actually want to buy becomes a whole lot easier.



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