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3 Problems With Your Lead Gen System & What To Do About Them

The number one thing most business owners struggle with (especially newbies) is how to bring in clients. 

Your business can’t survive without clients, so having a system you can count on to generate consistent leads is pretty important.

If you haven’t created a lead generation system for your business or if your current system isn’t translating to clients signed (and money in the bank) you might be experiencing one of these three problems:


1st Problem: You’re attracting the wrong clients.

You know…the ones who come for all your free stuff but aren’t willing to invest in your services.


Solution: It’s time to re-evaluate your messaging and determine who you’re actually talking to vs. who you want to be talking to.

2nd Problem: You’re constantly on the revenue roller coaster.


You have one really great month–maybe you even hit 5-figures. But then the next two, three, four months are really sloooooow.

Solution: You need to develop a framework for bringing in consistent clients.


3rd Problem: You’re in hustle mode 24/7, trying to snag your next sale.

You’re wasting hours upon hours every week trying to network in numerous Facebook groups, DMs, and in-person events hoping to sign a new client or two.

Solution: Automating the sales process is the only way to get your time (and your sanity) back.


If any one (or all) of these lead gen problems is ringing a little too true, I’ve got two easy fixes for you:


The 6-Figure Sales Funnel mini-course – this little $27 gem maps out the ENTIRE email sales funnel process for you. Voila!

It’s got easy to follow slides with voiceovers that show you:

✔️how to create (and promote) a fantastic freebie your ideal clients can’t wait to get their hands on

✔️how many emails to send for a sales funnel sequence that sells

✔️what those emails should say to convert subscribers to paying customers and

✔️the perfect time to make your offer.

There’s also a handy-dandy little workbook to help you personalize your funnel and make sh*t happen.

VIP 1/2 Day Session w/me – In this 4-hour VIP session, I’ll map out your entire email sales funnel for you. I’ll even give you 2-3 ideas to create or revamp your freebie so it leads seamlessly into your offer and write the copy for your opt-in landing page. **Spots are limited for this, so click here to book a call to chat about my availability.








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