Behind The Scenes Of My Accidental Rebrand -

Behind The Scenes Of My Accidental Rebrand

It feels good to be posting on the blog again!

I used to get so hung up on “adding value” by writing things that were business specific that it took the fun out of posting, and the ideas dried up.

I think the writing workshop I took with Firefly Creative made me fall back in love with writing just for the fun of it. My creativity has been flowing, and the desire to connect through my writing makes it easy to just do the thing (even if it doesn’t have a direct business purpose.)

It also feels good to be in a place where I’m not taking myself so seriously anymore. It feels even better to be excited about my business again!

Because things have changed so much for me this year, I’ve gone through a sort of accidental rebrand.

It all started when I decided that the way out of my love/hate relationship with social media was to create a static 9-grid on Instagram.

I want to make it easy for anyone looking for me to find out what I’m about without feeling like I have to churn out content all the time.

I want to focus on the content I enjoy creating, like stories and maaaaybe reels from time to time.

(But trust me, I won’t be posting videos of myself dancing around my kitchen anytime soon.)

So, a static grid sounded perfect to me (more on that to come)…

But updating that one thing sent me down a rebranding rabbit hole that ended with new graphics, new brand photos, new website copy, and a decision to change my color palette at the last minute.

My website design got a little refresh too. Take a look around. 😬 )

What’s exciting is that it turned out to be a true reflection of me now: open and vulnerable but able to trust that I’m finding my way (and having fun in the process.)

When I got my photos back from the photographer after the shoot, I cried. 

Only this time, it wasn’t because I hated how I looked or felt compelled to pick myself apart.

It was because I had compassion for all I’ve been through and was proud that I finally felt brave enough to showcase my bigger than “acceptable” body, my actual hair color, the clothes I wear IRL, and my face in very little makeup (which was done by me.)

I don’t know what ROI any of this will bring to my bottom line, but it’s refreshing to be guided by what feels good instead of struggling against a long list of shoulds and supposed tos.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new brand board:

^^ Obviously inspired by the Duran Duran Rio album cover and all things 80s

And here’s one of my favorite pics from my latest shoot:


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