Captivate + Convert Episode 033: How To Build A Brand That Captivates Clients -

Captivate + Convert Episode 033: How To Build A Brand That Captivates Clients

With Mallika Malhotra

“Sometimes people share for the sake of sharing, but my philosophy is always that it’s got to be customer-focused. We need to share our messages through the eyes of the people that we’re serving.”
— Mallika Malhotra

Wanna know the secret behind making your brand the life of the party?

In this episode, brand strategist and photographer Mallika Malhotra shares 6 legit rules for building brands that captivate clients — as well as the simple steps you can take TODAY to build buzz and snag the type of visibility opportunities that make it easier to grow your biz!

Mallika helps female entrepreneurs stop hiding behind their logo, show up confidently as the face of their businesses, and become a brand leader in their space.

She’s a big believer in the power of connection and teaches her audience that if they want their message to resonate with their dream clients, it needs to be relevant and authentic!

“Your brand needs to represent your values and your mission… all of those foundational elements that are gonna build that stronger connection to the right people,” she says. “They’re gonna be inspired by you. They’re gonna feel like you’re speaking to them in a language that really resonates — that they can feel in their heart. And once you’re able to captivate them and work with them… then they become an ambassador or a raving fan or a referral source.”

Having a clear message, killer storytelling skills, and a keen knowledge of your target audience are crucial when it comes to captivating your dream clients!

In this episode, you’ll learn:
➞ Every single little thing that goes into your brand — and how to make it all shine!

➞ 6 legit brand-building rules to capture your dream clients

➞ How to humanize your brand… without falling into TMI territory

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Highlights:‌ ‌
01:32 Meet Mallika Malhotra
03:39 From family photography to branding
07:06 Experimentation
08:49 Connection-driven work
10:19 The importance of relevance
11:31 What the heck is a brand??
13:15 6 brand-building rules
18:00 Niching down
23:30 Problem-solving
24:42 Dare to be different
26:55 Humanizing
31:54 Be visible
35:46 The Christy Questions

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