Captivate + Convert Episode 024: Launching And Growing A Product-Based Brand -

Captivate + Convert Episode 024: Launching And Growing A Product-Based Brand

With Kaley Sparling


“Times of giving myself a break really just open up the space for creativity.”

—  Christy Cegelski

When it comes to launching a business, approach is everything.

My guest, Kaley Sparling, knows that all too well. Kaley owns two online retail businesses, Hair Love and Gem + Love, and her radically different launch experiences demonstrate how changing your approach and mindset transforms the way your business comes together.  

While launching Hair Love, Kaley took a very by-the-book approach. She fought against what her soul and body needed and did what she thought she was SUPPOSED to do at every stage. 

And she was completely miserable.

Between launching Hair Love and launching Gem + Love, Kaley became interested in Human Design, crystals, and different modalities for spiritual healing.

When launching Gem + Love, Kaley worked in ways that honored her Human Design type and built in periods of rest and creativity. The launch felt effortless because it was done in alignment with Kaley’s needs and the way she naturally works best.

In addition to Human Design, Kaley has also been working at honoring her feminine energy. As business owners in a masculine society, we’re taught to use masculine biz-building strategies — which is why the hard sell, hustle, no-sleep culture has become so popular. When you operate from more of a feminine energy perspective and use feminine strategies, things flow and become more fun and effortless!

Hit play and find a new way to work! In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The drawbacks of the masculine, hustle approach to business and how tapping into your feminine energy can actually make it easier
  • How to incorporate your spirituality or human design into the ways that you run your business 
  • The vital importance of delegating tasks as your business starts to grow and scale

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About Kaley Sparling

Kaley Sparling is the founder of two product-based online businesses, Hair Love and Gem + Love. She was crowned Mrs. World 2013 and is a wife and mom of two.

Highlights:‌ ‌

02:23  Introducing Kaley Sparling

06:25  Human design

09:46  The aligned launch process

16:37  Tapping into feminine strategies

18:23  Incorporating spirituality into business

21:18  Energy sensitivity

23:15  Framing the conversation

25:25  Learning to delegate

32:47  The Christy Questions

42:24  Manifesting generators


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