Captivate + Convert Episode 026: Conducting Market Research Like A P.I. -

Captivate + Convert Episode 026: Conducting Market Research Like A P.I.

With Nicola Moors

“The P.I. Method is really how I am able to create such high-converting copy.”
— Nicola Moors

Copywriter Nicola Moors’ signature P. I. Method for market research has produced six-figure launches and 200% sales increases for her clients…

And while Nic isn’t exactly a private investigator, she did learn to conduct research like one during her 6-year stint as a journalist.

And in her current line of work, she’s figured out how to turn that research into story-centric copy that makes beaucoup bucks for her clients.

“Before becoming a copywriter, I had no idea what one was. I’d never watched Mad Men,” Nic says. But she quickly became OBSESSED with the buzz of working on launches and up-leveling her skills.

….and discovered that there’s a ton of crossover between journalism and copywriting.

Nic uses specific interview techniques learned during her journalism career to extract crucial information during chats with clients and research methods that help her write consistently compelling copy with messaging that always hits the mark.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

✓ The 3 main techniques of the P.I. Method — and how to master them
✓ Top tips for flawlessly mimicking the voice of your client and their brand
✓ Killer tips for building rapport, staying on-topic, and getting everything you need during interviews

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Highlights:‌ ‌
00:45 About Nicola Moors
01:31 Nic’s journey
04:15 Entrepreneurship
05:06 Journalism/copywriting skills
08:25 Copywriting as acting
09:23 Top interview tips
13:51 To Zoom or not to Zoom?
15:26 Staying on-topic
17:10 The P.I. Method
21:27 Finding the voice
28:56 Imposter syndrome ‌
33:24 Commonalities
34:40 Top interview stories
40:47 Find Nic

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