Captivate + Convert Episode 038: Using SEO To Attract The Right Audience -

Captivate + Convert Episode 038: Using SEO To Attract The Right Audience

With Per Andreasen

“A lot of people focus on just being on page one… but you also have to rank for the right phrases”
— Per Andreasen

SEO got you stumped?

You’re not alone! Figuring out how to use SEO to drive traffic to your website can seem intimidating to the tech-averse (myself included.)

But my guest on this week’s episode of the podcast, Per Andreasen shares how SEO can help you attract the right audience and gain legit exposure for your biz.

In fact, he spills the secret to how he managed to rank in the TOP 5 on Google search for fitness copywriters – which is his niche in the copywritring world.

If you want to drive more targeted traffic to your website, SEO is the way to go. It’s the practice of taking into account what people search for when you’re writing copy and coming up with your marketing strategy.

By upleveling your SEO, you can actually move your webpages up in Google search rankings, making it easier for your best-fit customers to find you (you won’t reach many of them if you don’t show up in the first five pages of results).

There are a few things you have to think about when coming up with your strategy: what keywords do your ideal clients use when searching for services similar to yours? Which keywords perform the best? How many of them should you use in your copy?

And, importantly, how do you niche down and position yourself as a leader in your space?

This episode is perfect for both SEO beginners and those looking to upgrade their skills.

You’ll learn:

✓ How to use meta descriptions to convert people from seeing your search result to visiting your site
✓ How to refresh + upgrade your older content to attract new readers
✓ Tools + software you can use to upgrade your SEO more easily

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Highlights:‌ ‌
01:32 Meet Per Andreasen
‌06:00 SEO: what and why
‌08:26 DIY or not?
‌09:19 Definitions
‌10:26 What your audience wants to know
‌12:30 Meta descriptions + titles
‌15:50 SEO Spider
‌17:50 Refresh old content
‌22:32 Writing tools
‌25:50 The Christy Questions

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