Captivate + Convert Episode 037: Selling on IG - What To Do & What NOT To Do -

Captivate + Convert Episode 037: Selling on IG – What To Do & What NOT To Do

With Tay Daniels

“The online world is so flooded. I teach that you should build that brand foundation first, before you even worry about social media.”
— Tay Daniels

I’ve heard your requests, and now I’m delivering — this episode is all about best practices for growing your biz using Instagram! My guest for today is Taylor Daniels, brand strategy coach and Instagram expert extraordinaire.

A few years ago, Tay was running a virtual assistant agency and noticed a lot of clients were requesting help in standing out on social in a saturated market. She also noticed that a lot of them weren’t putting in the effort to build their brand.

She found herself teaching them how to up their Insta game and build a solid brand foundation… two things which happened to be her specialties. In 2020, she became a coach.

Tay is a genius at leveraging social media and is one of the few people using Instagram the right way, in my opinion.

“Instagram is a tool to bring people into your space. It’s a place to connect and then bring people into your sales funnel — your email list or Facebook group,” Tay says.

“Yeah, you can close clients on Instagram, but it should be more used as a driving force to get people into YOUR community. And then you can show up in your community every day with warm, hot leads that are ready for you to nurture them.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

✓The biggest misconceptions entrepreneurs have about using Instagram as a business tool
✓How many times per week you should be posting (it’s probably less than you think!)
✓Best practices for boosting meaningful and authentic engagement

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Highlights:‌ ‌
02:16 Meet Taylor Daniels
04:36 Instagram as part of brand strategy
06:11 Foundation over details
07:17 Stop sweating vanity metrics
08:22 When + how to post
10:02 Instagram as a driving force
11:26 Show up authentically
12:53 Seriously, stop sweating metrics!
14:52 Niche down + reach out
17:27 Detach from the outcome
21:09 Follow/unfollow game
23:17 Stay focused
27:49 The Christy Questions

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