Captivate + Convert Episode 041: Creating An Aligned Visibility Strategy -

Captivate + Convert Episode 041: Creating An Aligned Visibility Strategy

With Erin Neuhardt

“Because of our experiences that are individual and unique to us, we have the ability to change people’s lives in a specific way.”
— Erin Neuhardt

Exposure for your biz is a MUST if you want to grow your audience. We can all agree that more people see and hear from you, the more leads you’ll have coming in.

The problem is, most of the advice about what you should do to boost visibility and gain exposure is a little too cookie-cutter for some of us.

Visibility strategist and consultant Erin Neuhardt understands that the fact that you’re different matters.

As entrepreneurs, we’re all unique: we have different offers, different strengths, and weaknesses, and we’re comfortable showing up in very different ways.

Erin helps her clients create visibility strategies that not only align with their goals — but who they are as people.

And she shares how to do exactly that on this episode of the podcast.

In this episode, you’ll find out:

✓ What visibility strategy actually is and how it helps you grow your biz (in a very practical way)
✓ The 4 blocks that women tend to have around visibility (and how to overcome them)
✓ The most effective ways to increase visibility — and why it’s SO important to understand your motivations first

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Highlights:‌ ‌
01:43 Meet Erin Neuhardt
04:39 Visibility strategy: what and why
06:00 Intentionality
07:18 Women + visibility
09:33 We don’t see the whole picture
12:16 Invisibility + safety
13:48 Effective avenues to visibility
16:03 Building confidence
17:19 Pitching tips
20:41 Come from a place of service
22:43 Build momentum + receive
23:36 The Christy Questions

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