Captivate + Convert Episode 042: How to Create a Quiz That Generates HOT Leads -

Captivate + Convert Episode 042: How to Create a Quiz That Generates HOT Leads

With Christen Schneider

Who doesn’t love taking a fun little quiz, right? They’re entertaining and they help us make a decision when we’re faced with multiple options and we’re not sure which one is best.

Which is why savvy biz owners use them as part of their marketing strategy — and why you might want to consider it too.

This week’s guest, Christen Schneider just so happens to be an authority on using quizzes for list-building and lead gen.

Why are quizzes one of the most effective ways to build your list? As lead magnets, they definitely take more work to get through than the typical PDF download — but they’re also a LOT more engaging.

“People like instant gratification and they like self-centered stuff,” Christen says. “We like to talk about ourselves. We like people to help us, specifically, and we like to think that it’s gonna be quick…the quiz doesn’t solve the problem for them, but it’s something they can look at right away.”

Basically, quizzes are a high-converting lead magnet for broader-based audiences that ALSO offers the opportunity for segmentation (and that means more powerful follow-ups)!

But you can’t just throw together a bunch of questions and call it a quiz…if you want to create a high-impact quiz that grabs your audience’s interest and asks just the right questions, tune in as Christen breaks it all down and keeps it super simple and super practical in this episode (and yes, she DOES dive into the tech side of things).

In this episode, you’ll learn:

✓ What micro-commitments are — and how you can build them into your marketing strategy.
✓ How to come up with a quiz topic aligned with your offer.
✓ How to create personalized automated follow-ups that help lead to the next steps.

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Highlights:‌ ‌
01:37 Meet Christen Schneider
04:06 Why are quizzes so powerful?
06:02 Broader-based audiences
06:46 Deciding on a quiz topic
10:17 Quality v. quantity
10:56 Automated follow-ups
16:49 You don’t need a “cool” topic
18:20 The tech tools
23:20 Christen’s services
24:45 Paid or organic?
25:41 The Christy Questions

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