Captivate + Convert Episode 046: Smashing The Patriarchy -

Captivate + Convert Episode 046: Smashing The Patriarchy

With Deepshikha Sairam

Smashing the patriarchy is actually the ultimate business move.

Oh, yeah – I’m going there.

In fact, on this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m chatting with Deepshikha Sairam about ditching the patriarchal “hustle” blueprint so you can build a business based on your own cyclical nature and unique energetic gifts.

As a spiritual business strategist and client attraction queen, Dee is all about helping female service providers and coaches build thriving businesses and create success by design.

And in this episode, she explains the effect living in a patriarchal culture has on us — not only as women but as entrepreneurs. It’s no wonder so many female creators suffer from imposter syndrome.

One of the ways Deepshikha sees this play out with her clients is that many of them deal with fears over showing up and raising their prices. “When we keep doubting ourselves, then we limit ourselves from the opportunities,” Dee says.

In this episode, we talk about balancing energy, patriarchy stress disorder, and why you NEED to start charging what you’re worth.

Hit play and find a new way to work! In this episode, you’ll learn:
✔ What the patriarchy really is (P.S. we’re not pointing fingers at all the men) and how it affects us — not just as women, but as business owners
✔ How women inadvertently support the patriarchy — and what we can do to opt-out
✔ What it means to tap into your masculine and feminine energies (and how to use them)!

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Highlights:‌ ‌

02:00 Meet Dee Sairam

04:17 What is patriarchy & where did it start?

09:56 How women buy in

12:28 Effects of patriarchy

16:11 80-year-old exercise

17:15 Masculine + feminine energies

18:56 Patriarchy Stress Disorder

24:14 Processing trauma

29:20 What can we do?

36:00 The art of allowing

41:30 The Christy Questions

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