CAPTIVATE + CONVERT EPISODE 079: Metrics That Matter -

CAPTIVATE + CONVERT EPISODE 079: Metrics That Matter

With Donna Dube

Let’s unlock a secret weapon in your business: your metrics.

In this episode, Productivity Plus founder Donna Dube shares some great insights on how to match your mission and vision to the metrics that you should be focusing on in order to maximize your time and your revenue.

Looking at numbers may not be as fun and creative as other aspects of your business, but they’re definitely going to help you push the needle — if you understand what they’re telling you! 

Your metrics help you figure out not only where you’re spending your energy in your business right now, but where you SHOULD be spending it in order to make the biggest impact.

This means the offers and initiatives with the biggest, juiciest profits…

The social platforms driving the most conversions…

… and the content strategies pulling in the most engagement.

You’ll definitely want to take some notes on this one (I did too!)

Hit play and find a new way to work! In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The data you SHOULD be tracking regularly… and the vanity metrics you don’t need to worry about
  • Why it’s important to know where your website traffic is coming from
  • How to redefine what success means for YOU

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Highlights:‌ ‌

00:33  Intro

01:44  Meet Donna Dube

04:53  Why we don’t like looking at numbers

06:17  What should you track?

08:07  Vanity metrics

09:32  Traffic metrics

12:46  Launch examples

15:38  Comparison game

17:14  Instant Funnel Bundle

18:13  Donna’s process + outcomes

23:41  Redefining success

26:48  Strategic planning

31:59  ‌The Christy Questions


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