How To Repurpose Content Like A Boss + Steal My Strategy For Selling On Social -

How To Repurpose Content Like A Boss + Steal My Strategy For Selling On Social

Raise your hand if the thought of creating content for ALL the things to market your business makes you want to stick your head in a big ol’ bag of Pirate’s Booty and call it a day. ??‍

I love writing content (which works out well since it’s my J-O-B) but when I decided it was time to become more visible and show up on multiple platforms every week, I went into full-on panic mode.

How was I going to generate enough ideas to write social media captions for IG, Facebook, and LinkedIn 5x a week (which is what I figured I could commit to) and create content for Pinterest graphics?

And even if I managed to do all that, I’d still have to figure out what to say in my newsletter and post on my blog every week. 

Brain exploding in 3…2…1 ?

But here’s the thing I figured out pretty quickly about social media: there might be some audience overlap but for the most part, the people following me on Instagram were different than the ones following me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The same is true for you and depending on your niche, your ideal clients may not be hanging on one (or more) of those platforms at all.

So the good news is, with a few minor tweaks, you can post the same basic content on every platform and maybe even avoid one or two altogether (you’re welcome.)


How to repurpose content like a BOSS and steal my posting strategy to sell on social


First of all, I don’t batch a ton of content ahead of time. I like to work a week ahead so I can stay on top of current topics and include them where it makes sense. That’s just my personal preference though, so do what works for you. 

Each week I start with a specific topic that’s relevant to my audience. This week’s topic is (you guessed it) how to repurpose content. And the first thing I do is write my blog post.

Once I do that, I create 5 social media captions that I’ll use for Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn and I’ll make notes inside the document for my VA on what to tweak in the post for each platform (she schedules the posts for me.

The structure I follow for posting goes a little something like this:

Monday – motivational/inspirational post (something that fits with my overall messaging)

Tuesday – tips/tricks post (taken from that week’s blog)

Wednesday – promotional post where I rotate through my offers

Thursday – tips/strategy (taken from that week’s blog)

Friday – personal/fun/BTS post for IG & FB; on LinkedIn, we copy & paste the blog post into a LinkedIn article. 

Next, I write my newsletter. Most of the time, I do use at least some of the blog content in my newsletter but my newsletter is kinda special…

I know it’s a big deal for my subscribers to allow me to take up space in their inboxes and I don’t take it lightly. I use my newsletters to connect with my readers, so I always write about behind-the-scenes life stuff and then I’ll segue into the tips/tricks from the blog if it makes sense. 

The last thing I do to wrap up my content creation sesh for the week is to write copy for 2-3 Pinterest graphics (my VA makes them look pretty and adds them to Tailwind for me.) 

To help make your life a little easier, I created a handy-dandy Weekly Content Creation Checklist for you! It’ll help you implement my formula for creating a week’s worth of content around one blog post and take the guesswork out of selling on social!







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