Captivate + Convert Episode 049: How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself Today -

Captivate + Convert Episode 049: How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself Today

“As business owners, we all struggle from time to time… you don’t have to get it right every time to be successful.”
— Christy Cegelski

I’ve got a short and sweet solo episode on tap for you today — and I’m focusing on a topic that far too many of us women in biz can relate to.


This, along with imposter syndrome, (which IMO, is simply a form of self-sabotage) is something we need to have more conversations around because recognizing your self-sabotaging tendencies (and kicking them to the curb) is crucial to the success of your business…and being able to enjoy the lifestyle you’ve put so much work into creating for yourself!

So, this episode is going to act as a mini-masterclass on recognizing and changing your self-sabotaging behaviors — so that you can get back to rocking your zone of genius and racking up new clients!

I talk about what self-sabotage really looks like (believe it or not, it can show up in ways that sometimes prevent us from recognizing it for what it is.) I also dive into the reasons why we engage in these destructive behaviors. And I share some tips on how to turn it all around and do things differently — including what’s worked for me.

Your first act of cutting down on self-sabotage and fully supporting your business? Hitting play on this episode!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

✓ The self-sabotaging patterns that may appear in your life — and how to identify them
✓ What the 2 Ps are — and how to react when they pop up while you’re working on projects
✓ The psychological reasons that lie behind your self-defeating behaviors

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Highlights:‌ ‌

01:33 Introduction

01:33 Avoiding the finish line

02:49 The 2 Ps

04:36 Other common self-sabotage patterns

05:38 How to recognize behaviors

06:28 Why do we do this?

07:38 How can we stop?

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