Captivate + Convert Episode 053: Drive More Sales On Day 1 Of Your Launch -

Captivate + Convert Episode 053: Drive More Sales On Day 1 Of Your Launch

With Ash Chow

This episode is dedicated to biz owners going through a launch or looking to launch in the near future! My guest, Ash Chow, is sharing her secret sauce on making your launch an epic success… before your offer even goes live. Yup, you heard me.

Ash is a launch strategist and copywriter who works with course creators and online entrepreneurs and specializes in setting her clients up for success before their cart opens.

Ash believes that the pre-launch runway is just as vital to your sales as your actual launch, and her clients have the revenue numbers to prove it.

“What we’re really doing in the pre-launch stage is identifying what beliefs your prospects hold about your industry or your topic, and then slowly reframing those beliefs or tackling those objections or shifting your mindset towards a place where they will see the value of the offer,” Ash explains.

This conversation digs DEEP into the ways that pre-launch content varies from launch content and why it’s so important to create both — trust me, you’ll want to take some notes.

Bonus: Ash also shares her three go-to social media post styles for the pre-launch process!

In this episode, you’ll learn:
✓ The 3 types of pre-launch content that will prime and warm up your audience
✓ When the pre-launch runway starts — and what you need to fill it with
✓ How to research prospect objections before they pop up — so that you’re ready to counter them

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Highlights:‌ ‌

01:44 Meet Ash Chow

04:08 Niching down

09:22 Pre-launch phase

12:48 Objection research

17:03 Inaction to action

20:26 Pre-launch content v. launch content

24:43 Social media posts

30:12 Learning from other copywriters

33:22 ‌The Christy Questions

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