How Outsourcing Changed My Business -

How Outsourcing Changed My Business

Over the last few months, I’ve become the self-proclaimed queen of outsourcing (where’s my crown?)
But let me back up for a sec…

At the start of the summer, I had more work than I could handle and had to turn clients away for the first time. I literally had ZERO hours left to work. I was making decent money but it was nowhere near the value I knew my clients were getting. Since Q4 of 2018, I had a plan to scale my business by creating another revenue stream but I legit couldn’t work on it.

I was starting to resent my business a little bit.

I knew I needed to consider outsourcing but I was resistant as hell…I “couldn’t afford it.” In my mind, I needed to be making 6-figures before I started outsourcing and I wasn’t there yet (I’m still not but I’m thiiiis close!)

I think as entrepreneurs, we expect the sky to open up and start raining personal assistants and private jets once we hit 6-figures. Okay, slight exaggeration but we can all agree that we tell ourselves we have to be generating that kind of income before we earn the right to (fill in the blank.)

Outsourcing was a mental block for me, so I started small. The first thing I focused on was hiring a company to clean my house and then a service do my laundry every other week. BTW – in the interest of full transparency, the cost of those two things didn’t come out of my business. They were household expenses, so they came out of our family budget.

When I realized how productive I was after handing off a couple of basic household chores, I got curious about what it would feel like to unload other things. We upped the cleaning crew to every week and added a meal delivery service to the mix.

The amount of mental space I freed up because I no longer had to think about scrubbing toilets or cooking 21 meals every single week was LIFE CHANGING (hello, sleep! It’s great to see you again!)

Okay, so home-life overwhelm was under control, (and by that I mean, we were no longer living in squalor and I stopped tearing my bedroom apart every morning in the hopes of finding a clean pair of underwear) but I was still struggling to manage my client work, my own marketing-related tasks, and the process of scaling my business.

Working 6.5 days a week doing everything myself with no end in sight sucked HARD. And the idea of being stuck at the same income level forever because I was afraid to let other people do the things I couldn’t (or shouldn’t) do in my business? Not exciting.

I realized I couldn’t wait until I made 6-figures to invest in growing my business. In fact, the only way I had any hope of getting there (before hitting retirement age) was to hire the right people to support me in growing my business before I was ready. So, I jumped.

Fast forward a few months and September and October have been the biggest months in my business to date. And I’m able to take almost 3 full weeks off to travel without being glued to my laptop.

I’ve hired a VA to help me with social media management and admin tasks, a junior copywriter to do research and some first drafts, a designer to build out the site and create slides and PDFs for my mini-course. I’ve outsourced the setup of an automated onboarding process for new clients and updates to my website as well.

Here’s the kicker: I’ve already made back the cost of those investments because I was able to spend the last couple of months focusing on tasks that earn money.

What’s your experience with outsourcing? Leave a comment and tell me if you’re struggling with it and what’s holding you back.




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How Outsourcing Change My Business

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