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What It Takes To Create A Successful Content Strategy

Research isn’t the sexiest part of content creation but it’s definitely one of the most important. The reason is, your content strategy will only work if you know exactly what to say to your ideal clients at each stage of their journey with you.

When you know what keeps your audience up at night and you can provide them with the perfect solution, you get the prize for being the go-to expert. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Laying the groundwork to get to know where your ideal clients are at, allows you to create content that grabs their attention. You’ll learn what words they’re using to describe their pain points so you can then write copy they’ll connect and engage with because it sounds like them.⠀

Doing research upfront also saves you time on content creation because you’ll know the stage of awareness your ideal client is in at any given time. 

If they’re in the beginning stages of getting to know you and your brand, they’re sure as heck not ready to join your program yet, so it would be a complete waste of time to create content around an offer at that point. The content you create for someone at the intro stage needs to be all value. 

On the other hand, someone who’s gotten to know, like, and trust you is much more likely to invest in working with you. That’s when making an offer is a no-brainer. ⠀

This is why a sales funnel email sequence is so effective for converting new subscribers to customers. It’s structured around the customer journey and takes their level of awareness into account at each stage of the email campaign.

Ready to create your own sales funnel so potential clients will start reaching out to you to book discovery calls on the regular? My 4-Step Framework will teach you what to say to start selling your high-ticket program on autopilot.



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What It Takes To Create A Successful Content Strategy


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