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Why Stories Matter + How To Use Them Effectively

Captivate + Convert Episode 067: Why Stories Matter + How To Use Them Effectively


With Amy Collins   How often do I get to record an episode that talks about both copywriting tips and erotic novels? My guest Amy Collins is a copywriter who specializes in copy infused with attention-grabbing anecdotes and captivating brand stories. (And as someone who’s worked as an Uber driver, stand-up comic, novelist, and wine […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 066: Shifting Your Energy Around Selling


With Julie Gohring   When I say “salesperson,” what pops into your head? Was it a stereotypical slimy car salesman? Was it a pushy timeshare agent? When it comes to those “Most Trusted Professions” lists, salespeople generally tend to fall at the bottom — and that can be blamed on the old paradigm for selling. […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 065: Building a Team To Grow Your Business


With Emily Milling   If you think that you’ll be able to scale your biz effectively without a team, then you really need to listen to this episode of Captivate + Convert! Most entrepreneurs launch without even having a partner, let alone a team. In the early days of building your empire, you get used […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 064: Microdosing & Mental Health Part 2


WITH KATHLEEN OH   We’ve been conditioned to believe that finding happiness is like a math equation — if you achieve a setlist of accomplishments, the outcome is “happily ever after.” X + Y = Z, right? But if you’re living (and building a business) in the real world, you already know it doesn’t necessarily […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 063: Microdosing & Mental Health Part 1


With Kathleen Oh This episode of Captivate + Convert is going to take you on a journey. Or should I say “trip?” My guest is Kathleen Oh, an integration coach, breathwork facilitator, and psychedelic guide.  Full disclosure: I’ve been working with her for about 3 months now, and I can honestly say she is better […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 062: Create Your Own Signature Framework


With Tiffany Ingle Do you ever scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see someone posting about their signature framework and think, how do I get one of those? Well, if you’ve ever found yourself wondering what a signature framework is and how to create your own, this episode is right up your alley! My guest […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 061: 1 Simple Tool To Make Your Biz Life Easier

Biz Tips

With Cathlyn Melvin Quick question… How much time and energy did you put into the FAQ section of your website? Do you even have an FAQ section on your website? Once you hear this week’s interview with copywriter and editor Cathlyn Melvin, putting your most frequently asked questions on display will be your TOP priority […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 060: Doing Your Business YOUR Way


With Deanna Seymour “We get to make our own rules.”— Deanna Seymour If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you started your business to have more freedom, fun, and fulfillment in your life… So why settle for anything less while growing your empire? Deanna Seymour is a graphic designer who’s decided to ditch the blueprints and traditional […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 059: Is A VIP Day Offer Right For Your Business?


With Kristin Macintyre Have you been noticing a LOT of online service providers offering VIP Days lately? Are you thinking about creating a VIP offer of your own — but aren’t sure what to include in your package or how to sell it? Then this episode is for you! My guest, Kristin Macintyre has actually […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 058: Online Courses Vs. Group Programs – Which One Is Right For Your Business?


With Jessica Terzakis If you’ve been thinking about creating an online course to scale your business, you’re going to want to hear what this week’s guest, Jessica Terzakis has to say… Jessica helps service-based entrepreneurs of all kinds monetize their expertise through online courses and group programs, allowing them to smash their 1:1 revenue ceiling […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 057: My Journey With Keto (Part 2)


With Meghann Hempel Today’s episode is a little different… When I started sharing that I was working with someone to heal some of the hormonal and metabolic issues I’d been struggling with (and my results) I got a lot of questions about what I was doing, how it worked, and why. So, I thought, what […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 056: My Journey With Keto (Part 1)


With Meghann Hempel Certified health and lifestyle coach and personal trainer Meghann Hempel has the kind of inspiring ‘behind the business’ story that has the makings of a bestselling book. And we’re going to explore it all on this week’s episode of Captivate + Convert! Before she started changing her clients’ lives (including mine!), Meghann […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 055: A Year Of Christy Questions


We’ve made it to the first anniversary of the Captivate + Convert podcast! Over the past year, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to some amazing guests who have shared some legit tips and biz-building strategies across a range of disciplines, including brand building, copywriting, SEO, and more. Honestly? When I first launched the podcast, […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 054: How To Captivate Your Audience With Storytelling (Replay)


With Brenna McGowan “We have to do a lot of showing in our stories, with examples… not just telling people.”— Brenna McGowan We all know the importance of having a strong call-to-action… But everything that comes before your CTA needs to be just as powerful! This week’s episode is a blast from the past — […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 053: Drive More Sales On Day 1 Of Your Launch

Marketing Strategy

With Ash Chow This episode is dedicated to biz owners going through a launch or looking to launch in the near future! My guest, Ash Chow, is sharing her secret sauce on making your launch an epic success… before your offer even goes live. Yup, you heard me. Ash is a launch strategist and copywriter […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 052: Personal Style Tips To Boost Your Confidence And Build Your Brand


With Swapna Patel “I really view style as, first and foremost, self-expression… and also self-care.”— Swapna Patel Knowing what to wear for brand photoshoots, Zoom meetings, or speaking gigs can be tough — unless you’re getting advice from a styling genius! My guest Swapna Patel is a personal style expert and former designer who specializes […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 051: PR Basics: Getting It & Using It To Grow Your Biz


With Queen Chioma PR and media coach Queen Chioma knows the publicity game — and she helps her entrepreneur clients secure their fair share of great press! In fact, she’s managed to get them featured in Forbes, the BBC, MTV, OK!, and tons of podcasts. Last year Queen even launched her own media platform called […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 050: Building An Engaged Community


With Emily Aborn With so many Facebook groups and memberships out there, how do you build a community that people want to keep coming back to, day after day? … and how can you turn it into a profitable business? Emily Aborn is a content writer and the founder of She Built This – an […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 049: How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself Today


“As business owners, we all struggle from time to time… you don’t have to get it right every time to be successful.”— Christy Cegelski I’ve got a short and sweet solo episode on tap for you today — and I’m focusing on a topic that far too many of us women in biz can relate […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 48: Choosing The Way You Experience Your Business


With Tamika Auwai “You have to find the entry point that’s going to resonate with you.”— Tamika Auwai As business owners, we tend to focus mostly on clients — how do we attract the people we want to work with? How do we keep them happy? Are we taking care of their needs? Obviously, you […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 047: Content Marketing Vs. Copywriting – What’s The Difference?


“Part of the strategy behind great copywriting is to get the messaging down.”— Christy Cegelski Another short and sweet solo episode for you today! This one is inspired by some conversations I’ve been having lately with newbie copywriters and content creators on Facebook. It all comes down to this: there are a lot of people […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 046: Smashing The Patriarchy


With Deepshikha Sairam Smashing the patriarchy is actually the ultimate business move. Oh, yeah – I’m going there. In fact, on this week’s episode of the podcast, I’m chatting with Deepshikha Sairam about ditching the patriarchal “hustle” blueprint so you can build a business based on your own cyclical nature and unique energetic gifts. As […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 045: 4 Tips To Help You Nail Your Next Podcast Pitch


Whether or not you’re a podcaster yourself, making guest appearances on other people’s podcasts is a fantastic way to build your visibility among audiences that may never have heard of you otherwise. And if you can nail your appearance, you’re another step closer to establishing yourself as THE thought leader in your niche. I already […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 044: How To Generate $75k From Your Freebie


With Sara Vartanian Does your lead magnet need a glow-up? It might be time to consider going high-touch. This week’s guest is Sara Vartanian, an incredible launch strategist, and copywriter who happens to be one of my biz besties! Sara’s unconventional approach to lead magnets — which she calls the Unscalable Lead Magnet Method has […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 043: Reimagining & Rebuilding Your Business After A Crisis


With Anna Rosa Parker “My service is a movement. And when you work with me, your brand will get a sustainable upgrade.”— Anna Rosa Parker What do you do when you lose it all? You build it back up – even better than before! My guest on this week’s episode of Captivate + Convert is […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 042: How to Create a Quiz That Generates HOT Leads


With Christen Schneider Who doesn’t love taking a fun little quiz, right? They’re entertaining and they help us make a decision when we’re faced with multiple options and we’re not sure which one is best. Which is why savvy biz owners use them as part of their marketing strategy — and why you might want […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 041: Creating An Aligned Visibility Strategy


With Erin Neuhardt “Because of our experiences that are individual and unique to us, we have the ability to change people’s lives in a specific way.”— Erin Neuhardt Exposure for your biz is a MUST if you want to grow your audience. We can all agree that more people see and hear from you, the […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 040: Habit Hacks That Help You Get Sh*t Done


With Jill Wise “I actually think there’s more room for creativity WITHIN my structure because I base it off of when my brain is working best on certain things.”— Jill Wise Ready to supercharge your productivity without the hustle headache? This week’s guest, Jill Wise is about to show you how to get sh*t done […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 039: 5 Ways To Boost Your Fame Factor & Stand Out Online


  “If you feel pulled towards something and you can’t stop thinking about it, there’s a reason.”— Christy Cegelski Are you pressing pause on the thing you REALLY want to do because you’re afraid that A) It’s already been done and B) You have nothing new to offer? The truth is, there’s plenty of room […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 038: Using SEO To Attract The Right Audience

Marketing Strategy

With Per Andreasen “A lot of people focus on just being on page one… but you also have to rank for the right phrases”— Per Andreasen SEO got you stumped? You’re not alone! Figuring out how to use SEO to drive traffic to your website can seem intimidating to the tech-averse (myself included.) But my […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 037: Selling on IG – What To Do & What NOT To Do


With Tay Daniels “The online world is so flooded. I teach that you should build that brand foundation first, before you even worry about social media.”— Tay Daniels I’ve heard your requests, and now I’m delivering — this episode is all about best practices for growing your biz using Instagram! My guest for today is […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 036: Why You Need To Scrub Your Email List & How To Do It

Email Marketing

  Believe it or not, there’s a prerequisite to writing emails that sell… You need to have subscribers who actually open and engage with your newsletters. But if you happen to have a pretty big chunk of subscribers who haven’t opened your emails in the last several months, it’s probably time to clean up your […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 035: The Dark Side Of Hitting 6-Figures Fast


With Brittany McBean “I’ve just always had the attitude of like ‘I’ll figure it out when I get there’ and ‘why not me?’”— Brittany McBean What do you think life will be like when your biz hits that magical six figures? My guest for today’s episode knows that life on the other side of six […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 034: Uncovering The Unconscious Beliefs Sabotaging Your Success


With Kasey Mathews   “When we’re in the eye of our own hurricane, it doesn’t make any sense.”— Kasey Mathews Do you make excuses every time an opportunity comes up that aligns with what you want for yourself? Why do we DO that? In this episode, transformational life coach Kasey Mathews is here to talk […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 033: How To Build A Brand That Captivates Clients


With Mallika Malhotra “Sometimes people share for the sake of sharing, but my philosophy is always that it’s got to be customer-focused. We need to share our messages through the eyes of the people that we’re serving.”— Mallika Malhotra Wanna know the secret behind making your brand the life of the party? In this episode, […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 032: Ethical Cold Pitching


With Bree Weber “The types of cold pitches that I think of as ethical have only one recipient. They’re clearly crafted for that one brand or that one decision-maker, and they’re targeting a specific problem rather than pitching somebody’s self-worth or abilities.”— Bree Weber Can you imagine getting a genuine ‘thank you’ for sending out […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 031: Email Marketing Vs. Social Media – The Real Deal


“Creating a basic email marketing funnel for [my clients] allowed them to bring in more leads on a consistent basis and automate the sales process.”— Christy Cegelski For my first year in business, I worked on all kinds of projects. I wrote blog posts, website copy, and newsletters, created social media captions, developed course scripts […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 030: Leveraging Linkedin To Get Leads


With Aly Goulet Wanna know the secret to finding high-quality leads on LinkedIn? You probably already know LinkedIn is a great place to network and search for a 9-5 J-O-B… But what you may not know is that it can also be a goldmine for freelancers looking to sign their next dream client (if you […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 029: Better Together – Biz Partnerships That Work


With Kira Hug & Rob Marsh of TCC   “It wasn’t just a passion project where we were only doing a podcast and that was it. We just didn’t know what else it was going to become.”— Rob Marsh And to think it all started with a podcast… Kira Hug & Rob Marsh are co-founders […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 028: Ask Me Anything!


“I’m 100% here for anything that makes life easier.”— Christy Cegelski I’m switching gears just a little bit for this episode of Captivate + Convert… … and I’m actually super excited about it! Allow me to welcome you to my very first Q+A episode! I put out the call for questions a little while ago […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 27: Building A Multi-Passionate Business


With Cara Alwill Cara Alwill always dreamed of becoming a best-selling author… but adding Master Life Coach and ‘major inspiration to female entrepreneurs across the globe’ to her title was an unexpected twist! Cara started her blog, The Champagne Diet back in 2008 while working full-time at MTV and has since built a global brand […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 026: Conducting Market Research Like A P.I.


With Nicola Moors “The P.I. Method is really how I am able to create such high-converting copy.”— Nicola Moors Copywriter Nicola Moors’ signature P. I. Method for market research has produced six-figure launches and 200% sales increases for her clients… And while Nic isn’t exactly a private investigator, she did learn to conduct research like […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 025: Shift Happens!


“You can have all the strategies in the world from the top online business gurus, but if you’re struggling some way — physically, mentally, spiritually — you’re not going to be able to do what you came here to do. At least, not effectively.” This isn’t a regular episode of Captivate + Convert— you’ll be […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 024: Launching And Growing A Product-Based Brand


With Kaley Sparling   “Times of giving myself a break really just open up the space for creativity.” —  Christy Cegelski When it comes to launching a business, approach is everything. My guest, Kaley Sparling, knows that all too well. Kaley owns two online retail businesses, Hair Love and Gem + Love, and her radically […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 023: Show Up And Stand Out On Video


With Tamara Glick “A lot of people believe that a personal brand is what your website looks like or the style of email that you send. But that is really just the tip of the iceberg.” —  Tamara Glick What goes is your personal brand really — and why does it matter? My guest on […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 022: Testimonials That Close Sales


With Licia Morelli   “The data shows that 93% of people say online reviews impact their buying decisions.” —  Licia Morelli Okay, be honest…what’s the first thing you do before you sign on the dotted line to work with a new coach or whip out your credit card to buy that mascara you’ve been eyeing? […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 021: How To Pandemic-Proof Your Biz


With CEO of It Media, Ashley Monk “Local business to online business marketing is like night and day.”— Ashley Monk Is your business pandemic-proof? This week’s guest, Ashley Monk is the CEO of It Media, a boutique digital marketing agency, and she helped dozens of clients move at least part of their businesses online in […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 020: Running A Business As A Highly Sensitive Person


With Gemma Sandwell If you’re an HSP, you’re likely to face some unique challenges as you build your business but the good news is, it’s 100% possible to be highly sensitive AND highly successful.  In this week’s episode, I talk with the founder of The Happiness Branch, Gemma Sandwell. Gemma wears a lot of hats […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 019: How To Scale To 6-Figures FAST


If 2020 threw you (and your biz) for a loop, you’re not alone. Entrepreneurs everywhere found themselves scrambling to come up with the proverbial Plan B and pull it all together when sh*t hit the fan. Well, As the saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new!” If you’re ready to kick last […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 018: Your Intuition – The Ultimate Biz Building Tool


With Camille Kelley How successful could you become if you knew exactly what moves to make and when? How would it feel to trust yourself to do the right things? That’s what Camille Kelley and I explore in this week’s episode… Camille is an artist and life coach who helps aspiring business owners overcome the […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 017: Finding Your Voice As A Brand


If you’re the person responsible for creating or managing the content for your business, you might be struggling to find your brand voice  – especially if you don’t have a lot of prior experience in copywriting or content creation. The good news is, you can stop over complicating it TODAY because in this episode, we’re […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 016: The 7 Core Stories You Should Be Ready To Share As A Business Owner


  With Jilliane Yawney If you’re building a brand, being able to share stories that are: A) relevant to your ideal clients and B) showcase your expertise is the key to connecting with your audience and converting them to paying customers. Your stories are what help you stand out from the crowd; they make you […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 015: Releasing Anxiety So Your Business Can Thrive


  With Kate Carter If you struggle with anxiety, you know it can keep you from showing up fully in your business. BUT the good news is there are tools and techniques that can help you release anxiety so you can thrive — in business and in life. This week I had the privilege of […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 014: How To Create A Freebie Your Audience Actually Wants

Email Marketing

How many times have you downloaded a freebie and dragged it to file on your laptop, never to be seen or heard from again? We’ve all done it! And none of us wants to create a freebie that just ends up in the digital trash bin, right? But what’s the secret to creating a freebie […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 013: How To Captivate Your Audience With Storytelling


With Email Copywriter Brenna McGowan If you’ve ever been confused about how to use storytelling in your email copy and social media captions, this episode will give you the goods on what kind of stories will captivate your ideal clients and make them your biggest fans. On today’s show, I sit down with one of […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 012: Harnessing The Power Of Your Emotions To Build Your Biz


With Therapist, Trained Psychic, and Life Coach, Adrian Hall Traditional “wisdom” suggests that there’s no place for sensitivity in business, but what if you could actually harness the power of your emotions and be more creative, more productive, and build a better business? That’s what today’s episode is all about! I sat down with Adrian […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 011: From $35/Hr To 5-Figure Months: How I Did It (Part 2)


In last week’s episode, you got the backstory of how I became a copywriter and what I did before I started my business (including my past failures in other endeavors.) The struggle was REAL. In this episode, I walk you through the 5 things I did (in the exact order I did them) to go […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 010: From $35/Hr To 5-Figure Months: How I Did It (Part 1)


I’ve never had the opportunity to share my full story before, so this episode is super personal… From the outside, it might look like I built a successful business overnight because within about a year (14 months to be exact), I went from charging $35 an hour for my copywriting services to selling $5k-10k packages […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 009: How To Avoid Burnout As You Build Your Business


With Holistic Nurse Practitioner & Health Coach Jaclyn Bacon As women, we often take on a majority of the child care as well as the responsibilities associated with managing a household — even as we’re hustling to build our businesses. On top of that, there’s a very real pressure to strive to be the perfect […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 008: Getting Started With Facebook Ads


With Facebook Ads Expert Olivia Hutchison Think Facebook Ads are just for the fancy people who already have 6-figure + businesses? Think again! As it turns out, Facebook ads are one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to grow your business…IF you know how to use them effectively. If you’re curious about how Facebook […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 007: The 3-Step Framework For Copy That Gets Clients


  If you feel like writing copy for your business is intimidating AF, you’re not alone! How do you know what to say? Or how much to share? Or how to write words that sell without sounding like a D-list celeb hawking their wares on late-night TV? In this episode, you’ll learn how to write […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 006: How To Grow Your Audience With Podcasting


With Podcast Producer Emily Milling of The Ultimate Creative If you’ve been tossing around the idea of starting your own podcast but you’re not sure if it’s right for your business and you don’t know where to start, this episode is for you, my friend. Podcast producer Emily Milling and I sit down and dive […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 005: How Human Design Can Help You Build A Better Business


With Mindset & Intuitive Biz Coach Vanessa Hallick What if you could build your business without the struggle? Seriously…what if it was easy and you were able to scale to 6-figures + by doing the things that excite and energize you instead of drain the life out of you? In this episode, I chat with […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 004: 4 Super Simple Sales Page Secrets


Word on the street is it’s officially “launch season” (in case you haven’t noticed the crazy amount of promo emails dropping into your inbox lately.) Since I’ve been working on dozens of sales pages for my clients’ upcoming launches over the past few months, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a few […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 003: How To Use Photos To Create An Unforgettable Brand And Attract Your Dream Clients


With Brand Whisperer Megan Otto  If you’re the face of your brand, grab your phone or a pen and paper (if you’re old school like me) because you’re going to want to take notes on today’s episode. I’m chatting with Brand Strategist and Creative Director, Megan Otto (AKA the Brand Whisperer) about how to create […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 002: Grow Your List (For Free) And Convert Subscribers To Clients In 4 Steps


  You’ve probably heard email marketing experts say, “the money’s in the list” but the real real is this: the money’s in the relationship you have with your list. Monetizing your list (no matter how many subscribers you have) is all about connecting with your subscribers. In this episode, I’m giving you the goods on […]

Captivate + Convert Episode 001: Welcome to the Podcast!


  Creating a podcast has been on my radar for a long time… I actually bought a podcasting course almost 4 years ago but I never did anything with it. You know how it goes sometimes… You get an idea that lights you up and then Imposter Syndrome creeps in. You think, ugh, it’ll never […]

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